March 13, 2012


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we're home! we got in sunday afternoon after an acceptable 6 hour drive with a toddler, a weiner dog and no husband. and countless m&ms may have been the reason we made it through. it was no fun leaving him behind in north carolina for an extra week but it is what it is. we get him back on friday for a whole week then he leaves for work-related training for one more week. after that? he's all ours.

i love going on vacation. i hate the unpacking that comes along with it. i hate the time it takes to get resettled. i didn't get a chance to clean the house before we left so on top of unpacking and getting settled back into our daily routines, every fiber of my being is screaming "scrub this house from top to bottom. stat!!". but my energy level from keeping up with my crazy two year old who has shown some serious defiance lately is saying "snuggle up on the sofa and finish reading mockingjay...the mess will be there tomorrow."

i already decided to skip storytime this morning. i hate skipping storytime - lia is really getting the hang of being around other kids and acting semi-social. she actually takes things from the teacher now instead of recoiling into my shoulder. but i am exhausted. and i miss my hubby. and lia wants nothing to do with sleeping in her bed. or listening to a word i'm saying. i'm taking today to whip the house back into shape. maybe that will give me the chance to whip our routines and normal-ness (and my sanity!) back into shape this week. 

5 loads of laundry washed and waiting to be folded & put away. that includes the dog bed where toby puked up a chocolate brownie he wasn't supposed to eat & brand new toddler sheets spotted with bloody drool. from the toddler who busted her mouth open yet again on the tile floor that i hate because she was mad and she likes to throw herself into things when she's mad. major drama queen. oh, and she only slept on those sheets a couple hours last night.

now i just have to put away laundry, scrub down the house, take out the trash, mop the floors, make a meal plan & grocery list, find a way to get through a shopping trip with the kid who hates shopping, get lia to sleep & nap in her bed again and unpack my suitcase and toiletries.

i have a hard life, huh? kidding! i know, i'm being whiney. this trip just took a toll on me. i'll be back in a day or two with a recap of our trip. a small recap because i only used my camera once! hopefully with a clean house, a nice shower when i have time to actually fix my hair afterwards, a few trashy reality tv shows under my belt and a sweet, adoring toddler again i'll be good as new ;)

we're almost halfway through march. when did that happen?!

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