March 25, 2012


it's the end of another weekend. there were plenty of homecooked breakfasts by the hubs. lots of rest, ice packs, cane-walking & tylenol for me. snuggles and playtime with l-bug. sass and tantrums too. and she threw in a nice jump out of her playpen and crash into the door at bedtime for me tonight. you know, to even things out. 

i went to see the hunger games. it was awesome. loved it. and i may have squee'd when they showed a short preview for twilight breaking dawn pt 2. i went to the chiropracter too. it seems i have a twist in the tailbone joint/muscle? from my preggo days. it's gotten better since friday. i can walk most of the day. i actually do need a cane getting out of bed in the mornings though. old lady, much? and i can't pick up l-bug or anything heavy. and i can just barely bend down. it's so much fun. ha!

my mom drove down today to help for a few days. since i drove my handsome man to the airport today. he's gone for another week of work-related classes. but we get him back on saturday :D we celebrated with pizza. my mom, that is. not the hubs leaving.



here's hoping i can get back on track this week with everything. and that lia doesn't pull anymore houdini moves.

we've been rockin' out to this all day.


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