March 2, 2012


                                                                                                Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

it's friday! so i just realized this like an hour ago while i was pulling into our neighborhood. go me!

i'm exhausted today. i had to take my little snot-bug to the pediatricians and it's 80-something degrees outside. it's hot. and, i've got to call the insurance company and deal with an issue. boo :(

this week, l's main mission was to drive me bonkers. i love the girl to death but she has some serious sass in her.  but some sweet old lady at the library thought she was the cutest thing today. and lia has been using some manners lately, so we're not doing everything wrong. ha!

i think we're off to savannah tonight. it's a gorgeous day for a walk downtown on the waterfront and i need a trip to F21 for new sunnies. and i really don't feel like cooking tonight ;)

happy friday!

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  1. awww, I hope Lia starts to feel better. Poor girl!

    have fun in Savannah!


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