March 30, 2012

mess-free finger painting!

i saw this somewhere recently. a blog or instagram. maybe twitter. honestly, i don't know - so if it was you, thanks! since i couldn't remember, i went on pinterest and found this tutorial.

l-bug just happened to sneak into the craft closest yesterday and found the finger paints. naturally, she asked if she could paint. and naturally, i almost said no. because its messy. and it's really hard giving her a bath when my back is out of commission. and we'd have to go outside. and the bugs are really bad this month. and mommy excuse after mommy excuse, right? then this little gem of an idea popped in my head and i was like "yeah, we can paint!".

i used quart sized bags because her hands are small and i figured she'd lose interest quickly. and she did. a few photos and about 5 minutes later, she was done. but the awesome thing about it is that you can save the bags for later!

paint - we used crayola finger paints
ziploc-style bags
packing tape

just pour some paint in your bags. you can do one color or mix some up for extra fun. get all of the air out of the bags and seal them up. then tape them to a table or even a cookie sheet or a tray so it can go wherever you want!

a super easy, mess-free toddler activity!


  1. I've seen this around pinterest too and have been meaning to try it.
    She looks like she's having a lot of fun. :)

  2. This is very cool. It would be super handy if you could also travel with them to a restaurant or dr.'s office. Kids love this kind of stuff. thanks for sharing :)


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