March 31, 2012


i'll be busy today picking up my handsome man from the airport and giving him lots of hugs & kisses. and i know l is going to be stoked to have her papi back.

so. i've got some links to love for you today.

fun with color. dyed clothespins & painted wooden spoons. the bright colors make me swoon!

the paper mama wrote this post on bullying. it's a must read.

i love this post on motherhood.

easter is right around the corner. treats in a mason jar, yes! a cute, simple craft - we'll be trying this one out next week.

we're outside so much with all this gorgeous weather. i'd love to do this with a string of outdoor lights.

and lastly, some adorable barbeque themed cupcakes.

happy weekending.


  1. Great!!
    I'm swooning with that photo of Lia. Oh God, she's soooooo beautiful.
    Babies miss their dads so much, I know that. My girl sees her father only on weekends and she spend all week calling him.

    1. thanks!! it must be hard that she only gets to see him on weekends. l-bug has been asking for her dad all week long!


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