March 18, 2012


happy sunday, ya'll. i'm not usually around on weekends. i like to soak up time with my two main loves. and toby. although the weiner dog is pushing my buttons this week. he's been getting into things and finding food. brownies. little debbie snacks. a package of maria cookies. it's like, dude, you know chocolate can kill you, right?

he's been a little sneakster. & is ruining the sofa cushions in the process.
but when he's this cute, i guess it is what it is.

but, i'm stuck on the sofa today. when l-bug was born, i had bad problems with my tailbone. it seems to be acting up again today so i've tried to stay on the sofa in one spot with a heating pad. it really sucks. i had a million things i wanted to do today.

lia is running around like normal and m is out doing awesome hubby things, like putting together l's new picnic table & changing the oil in my car and killing ants. i figured i'd hop on here.

so how about some links to love?

here's some printables to brighten up your week. 1 and 2.

i love this brown sugar trick. works like a charm!

we made these treats for easter last year. this adorable craft would be fun.

mrsstephaniet has a fun weekly link up chock full of photos & bits of happiness. check it out on thursdays.

it's getting warmer. i can't wait to hang out here a lot this summer.

i hope you are all having an great weekend. we did some shopping & errands and just enjoyed being together again. i plan to be back early in the week with a "us, lately" post. here's a little something to hold you over.

i'm off to indulge my hubs. who thinks it'll be lots of fun to go get sprayed down with a water hose outside. ha! we'll see about this ;)

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