March 29, 2012

little bits of happiness w6.



candy & the hunger games // fresh fruit // making cookies for some awesome friends going through something not-so-awesome // bathtime shenanigans // enjoying the gorgeous weather // l's new picnic table // i crafted up a wreath

my mom was in town this week, helping me take care of l-bug. m was out of town for work again. my back is still hurt. it will probably take awhile before it heals. and a lot of visits to the chiropractor. but the good news is that i can basically manage the day without pain as long as i limit lifting things and bending down. hard with a kid, but it is what it is.

that being said, lia LOVED having her grandma hear this week. she isn't happy that she left today. but we managed to have some fun while she was here. and i'm SO grateful for her help.

now we just have two more days and we get the man of the house back. and then i'll be super grateful.

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Mrs Stephanie T


  1. I LOVE strawberries!

    That wreath is beautiful!

  2. I love the wreath. It's super cute!

    1. thanks!! it makes me happy seeing it on the door whenever i come and go :)

  3. so jealous of your hunger games ticket! i still haven't seen it and i am dying.


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