March 22, 2012


a yummy yellow plate on the kitchen table // new photos to hang on the fridge // reading, again // my new print from livylovedesigns // shopping // little things on l-bug's bookshelf that make me happy // teaching her how to put money in her owl bank

happiness not pictured
the hubs doing the dishes and mopping the floors.
l-bug learning to give fishie kisses and eskimo kisses.
watching one tree hill.
the large dr pepper sitting beside me.
finishing the photo gallery wall above our bed.
lia sleeping in her bed last night!

this week was a good week. minus the tailbone pain that shoots through my back forcing me to walk like i'm very very preggo. which sadly, i am very very not. but that meant it was a chill week. we skipped storytimes and playdates and hunkered down at home. i cleaned. i cooked. i mothered. it was nice.

but keep your fingers crossed that the chiropractor can help me tomorrow. because i really want to see the hunger games on saturday. anyone else going this weekend?

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. Lia is SOOOO big!!!

    And I'm totally loving that sign!

    1. thanks girl! isn't it crazy how big she is getting? i love it but at the same time it breaks my heart LOL

  2. I hope you feel better, I can't imagine tailbone pain being pleasant :( Loved hearing your bits of happiness for this weekend. I especially love that print. Some of the best memories I've had with my mother are when I helped her around the house doing chores. Now I loathe them tehehe :)

    1. thank you! it isn't pleasant but it's slowly getting better.

      and isn't the print awesome? the shop owner has a wonderful collection!

  3. love all the happiness! and i really love that "good moms" quote :)

  4. JC is obsessed with putting money in his piggy bank. I love that yellow plate! So pretty. I want to see The Hunger Games so bad this weekend but I know it's probably not going to happen until next week.


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