March 14, 2012

hello from a non-whiney person.

                                                                                   Source: via Jess Craig from on Pinterest

haha, that's what my week looks like.

but really. guys, it's gorgeous outside! spring has sprung and it is getting warm here in the south. i love it for now but i am sure you'll hear me moaning & complaining all summer about how i'm going to sweat to death. ha. that will be a fun time.

i am in a much better mood today. it took all day yesterday but i finished unpacking, did a couple more loads of laundry and folded/hung all of it, cleaned the house & swept the floors. then l-bug and i drove to chick-fil-a in our pjs. don't worry, we hit up the drive-thru.

today we met up with some other mamas & kiddos at the park. mama got some social-adult time and the toddler got to swing. win-win! we hit up the library for a little bit, swung by the grocery store & grabbed a couple slices of pizza on the way home. i am so thankful some new yorker decided to settle here and start a pizza place. SO thankful. new york style pizza is a food group all on it's own, if you ask me.

and the biggest perk of today so far? the kid is napping. in her bed. all by herself! i had to bribe her with another trip to the park and all that jazz but it worked. and the house is peaceful. all i can hear is the quiet churn of the washer, static from the baby monitor that is always on the fritz and some andy grammer.

the sun is shining, the birds have been chirping, the bugs have been biting and it's a happy, spring day. i'm off to make a grocery list and catch up with my dvr.

ps. i think l-bug misses her daddy. she's been extra clingy lately. sleeping in my bed, sitting in my lap to eat dinner, making me hold her at the park most of the time. good thing he'll be home in a few days!

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