March 31, 2012


i'll be busy today picking up my handsome man from the airport and giving him lots of hugs & kisses. and i know l is going to be stoked to have her papi back.

so. i've got some links to love for you today.

fun with color. dyed clothespins & painted wooden spoons. the bright colors make me swoon!

the paper mama wrote this post on bullying. it's a must read.

i love this post on motherhood.

easter is right around the corner. treats in a mason jar, yes! a cute, simple craft - we'll be trying this one out next week.

we're outside so much with all this gorgeous weather. i'd love to do this with a string of outdoor lights.

and lastly, some adorable barbeque themed cupcakes.

happy weekending.
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mess-free finger painting!

March 30, 2012

i saw this somewhere recently. a blog or instagram. maybe twitter. honestly, i don't know - so if it was you, thanks! since i couldn't remember, i went on pinterest and found this tutorial.

l-bug just happened to sneak into the craft closest yesterday and found the finger paints. naturally, she asked if she could paint. and naturally, i almost said no. because its messy. and it's really hard giving her a bath when my back is out of commission. and we'd have to go outside. and the bugs are really bad this month. and mommy excuse after mommy excuse, right? then this little gem of an idea popped in my head and i was like "yeah, we can paint!".

i used quart sized bags because her hands are small and i figured she'd lose interest quickly. and she did. a few photos and about 5 minutes later, she was done. but the awesome thing about it is that you can save the bags for later!

paint - we used crayola finger paints
ziploc-style bags
packing tape

just pour some paint in your bags. you can do one color or mix some up for extra fun. get all of the air out of the bags and seal them up. then tape them to a table or even a cookie sheet or a tray so it can go wherever you want!

a super easy, mess-free toddler activity!
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little bits of happiness w6.

March 29, 2012




candy & the hunger games // fresh fruit // making cookies for some awesome friends going through something not-so-awesome // bathtime shenanigans // enjoying the gorgeous weather // l's new picnic table // i crafted up a wreath

my mom was in town this week, helping me take care of l-bug. m was out of town for work again. my back is still hurt. it will probably take awhile before it heals. and a lot of visits to the chiropractor. but the good news is that i can basically manage the day without pain as long as i limit lifting things and bending down. hard with a kid, but it is what it is.

that being said, lia LOVED having her grandma hear this week. she isn't happy that she left today. but we managed to have some fun while she was here. and i'm SO grateful for her help.

now we just have two more days and we get the man of the house back. and then i'll be super grateful.

linking up with mrs stephanie t.

Mrs Stephanie T
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March 28, 2012

i've been wanting to make a wreath since about forever. i picked up the supplies two weeks ago but i just got around to it today. i'm kind of lazy when it comes to crafting even though making something makes me so seriously happy.

i went with a simple felt rosette wreath.

there's tons of rosette tutorials online and on pinterest (duh!). i learned to make one sometime last year so i just winged it from memory. basically i cut a square piece of felt around and around (like a snake...ish), then wrapped it together and glued it. just check out a tutorial ;)

supplies :
sheets of felt - i got 4 rosettes per sheet
a wreath (i chose a grapevine version)
glue gun + glue (several sticks!)


i cut out all of my rosettes first and placed them around the wreath until i got a feel of how i wanted them. then glue each rosette to the wreath, hang and stare at the beauty YOU just created!



i wanted colors that were spring-ish but would also work until i make a new one. and knowing me, it won't be at least until fall. ha! the charcoal gray was a last minute addition but i think it really helped pull it all together.

basically, i lurve it. and now my door is pretty.
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sponsor highlight : march.

March 27, 2012

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march is coming to an end. it's just crazy how fast time is going by. 
i've got a couple new sponsors this month so check them out & show them some love!

first up is the lovely wendy from this amazing day.


my name is wendy and i am mama to the sweetest and spunkiest little girl named hannah. this amazing day is a blog that celebrates everyday moments of my life as a mother. i may not have the most glamorous or perfect life, but i believe that this day is amazing because of the love that i share with my family.


josie from letters to sophia.


hello! my name is josie and i blog over at letters to sophia. i'm a young mommy to my beautiful girl engaged to her daddy and we live in a small town in wv. i use my blog to basically share our daily adventures, memories and anything random that comes to the mind of a young, busy momma working full time who loves photography, fashion, blogging and anything girl and baby. so come on over, follow us and join us on our adventure as sophia grows! oh! and leave a comment and say hello, i'd love to meet you all as well!



and last, but not least, is liliana from lilixoana.


 hey guys! i'm liliana a 27 yr old from nyc. i own the blog lilixoana and a lover of life. i pretty much love to keep memories, that is why i love to scrapbook and blog! i love taking pictures of every day life and documenting them as i go along. i am always caught laughing, taking pictures or crafting something.


be sure to check out my other sponsors as well!

 emily @ writings of an air force wife 
jessica @ sweet green tangerine
katie @ katie miscellany
melissa @ knit purl baby
marissa @ a side of sparkle

want to sponsor {a little something} in april?

details are here.

or email me at blogalittlesomething{at)gmail{dot}com
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the park.

the weather yesterday was amazing. bright blue skies, the sun was shining and it was warm! i had a chiropractor appointment in the morning & we hit up target for a quick trip. after that, it was just too nice to stay indoors.

l-bug played outside with my mom while i made lunch. and after her nap, we went out for fro-yo and we ended up at the local park. thank goodness my mom was there - because i could not climb around that place like she did ;)

then i made tacos while l played outside. again. & we had dinner on the patio.

perfect monday.




today we're heading to story time at the library and lunch on another gorgeous day.

happy tuesday!
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March 25, 2012

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it's the end of another weekend. there were plenty of homecooked breakfasts by the hubs. lots of rest, ice packs, cane-walking & tylenol for me. snuggles and playtime with l-bug. sass and tantrums too. and she threw in a nice jump out of her playpen and crash into the door at bedtime for me tonight. you know, to even things out. 

i went to see the hunger games. it was awesome. loved it. and i may have squee'd when they showed a short preview for twilight breaking dawn pt 2. i went to the chiropracter too. it seems i have a twist in the tailbone joint/muscle? from my preggo days. it's gotten better since friday. i can walk most of the day. i actually do need a cane getting out of bed in the mornings though. old lady, much? and i can't pick up l-bug or anything heavy. and i can just barely bend down. it's so much fun. ha!

my mom drove down today to help for a few days. since i drove my handsome man to the airport today. he's gone for another week of work-related classes. but we get him back on saturday :D we celebrated with pizza. my mom, that is. not the hubs leaving.



here's hoping i can get back on track this week with everything. and that lia doesn't pull anymore houdini moves.

we've been rockin' out to this all day.


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March 24, 2012

                                                                                            Source: bit.ly via kristy on Pinterest

                                                                                    Source: someecards.com via kristy on Pinterest

                                                                           Source: community.babycenter.com via kristy on Pinterest

                                                                                    Source: someecards.com via kristy on Pinterest

m pre-bought me a ticket and i'll be heading to the movies at 12 to see the hunger games. i'm the nerdy type that loves going to these kinds of movies by myself. i can zone out in my own little world. i don't have to share my popcorn. it's the little things, you know. haha!

 it's gonna be an awesome. 
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March 22, 2012


a yummy yellow plate on the kitchen table // new photos to hang on the fridge // reading, again // my new print from livylovedesigns // shopping // little things on l-bug's bookshelf that make me happy // teaching her how to put money in her owl bank

happiness not pictured
the hubs doing the dishes and mopping the floors.
l-bug learning to give fishie kisses and eskimo kisses.
watching one tree hill.
the large dr pepper sitting beside me.
finishing the photo gallery wall above our bed.
lia sleeping in her bed last night!

this week was a good week. minus the tailbone pain that shoots through my back forcing me to walk like i'm very very preggo. which sadly, i am very very not. but that meant it was a chill week. we skipped storytimes and playdates and hunkered down at home. i cleaned. i cooked. i mothered. it was nice.

but keep your fingers crossed that the chiropractor can help me tomorrow. because i really want to see the hunger games on saturday. anyone else going this weekend?

Mrs Stephanie T
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March 20, 2012

                                                                                            Source: vickigausden.co.uk via kristy on Pinterest

sunny days.
cool breezes through open windows.
farmers markets.
fresh fruits & veggies. eating better.
nature walks with l-bug.
playing outside.
sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
riding bikes.
special birthdays.
spring cleaning.
simplifying and organizing the house.

spring makes me happy.
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March 19, 2012

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he was scratching at the door. i thought he needed to go out. turns out, he only needed to do this.


it's 75 & sunny. a little vitamin d never hurt anyone.
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March 18, 2012

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happy sunday, ya'll. i'm not usually around on weekends. i like to soak up time with my two main loves. and toby. although the weiner dog is pushing my buttons this week. he's been getting into things and finding food. brownies. little debbie snacks. a package of maria cookies. it's like, dude, you know chocolate can kill you, right?

he's been a little sneakster. & is ruining the sofa cushions in the process.
but when he's this cute, i guess it is what it is.

but, i'm stuck on the sofa today. when l-bug was born, i had bad problems with my tailbone. it seems to be acting up again today so i've tried to stay on the sofa in one spot with a heating pad. it really sucks. i had a million things i wanted to do today.

lia is running around like normal and m is out doing awesome hubby things, like putting together l's new picnic table & changing the oil in my car and killing ants. i figured i'd hop on here.

so how about some links to love?

here's some printables to brighten up your week. 1 and 2.

i love this brown sugar trick. works like a charm!

we made these treats for easter last year. this adorable craft would be fun.

mrsstephaniet has a fun weekly link up chock full of photos & bits of happiness. check it out on thursdays.

it's getting warmer. i can't wait to hang out here a lot this summer.

i hope you are all having an great weekend. we did some shopping & errands and just enjoyed being together again. i plan to be back early in the week with a "us, lately" post. here's a little something to hold you over.

i'm off to indulge my hubs. who thinks it'll be lots of fun to go get sprayed down with a water hose outside. ha! we'll see about this ;)
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little bits of happiness w4.

March 15, 2012

this week wasn't my easiest. m is still out of town and it seems like lia is doing everything opposite of her normal self. i feel like i'm struggling to keep my head above water this week.

she busted her lip open. she has skipped almost every nap & refuses to sleep in her own bed. so she sleeps in my bed and practically kicks me off every night. she is sassing me left & right. and i can't even think about taking her into a grocery store for a real stock-up trip without backup. she isn't eating as much as she normally does. she fell off our bed last night. it's been me & her, all day every day. no me time. just a few minutes of blogging here and there. no catching up on trashy tv shows or the bubble bath i dreamed of. just a mama & her bossy toddler.

but sometimes that is what being a mama is.

this week wasn't all bad, though. and as stephanie points out on her post today, that's why we have this fun little link-up!

so here's our shiny moments from this week.



caffiene & chick-fil-a // a happy moment from my girl // a sweet card from my man // my favorite candle holder w/a new coconut water candle from B&BW // reading // new cup & new menu planner

i'm off to attempt to do my hair and make quick shopping trip for essential supplies. we're gonna make these. and pray the night goes well.

Mrs Stephanie T

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hello from a non-whiney person.

March 14, 2012

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                                                                                   Source: someecards.com via Jess Craig from on Pinterest

haha, that's what my week looks like.

but really. guys, it's gorgeous outside! spring has sprung and it is getting warm here in the south. i love it for now but i am sure you'll hear me moaning & complaining all summer about how i'm going to sweat to death. ha. that will be a fun time.

i am in a much better mood today. it took all day yesterday but i finished unpacking, did a couple more loads of laundry and folded/hung all of it, cleaned the house & swept the floors. then l-bug and i drove to chick-fil-a in our pjs. don't worry, we hit up the drive-thru.

today we met up with some other mamas & kiddos at the park. mama got some social-adult time and the toddler got to swing. win-win! we hit up the library for a little bit, swung by the grocery store & grabbed a couple slices of pizza on the way home. i am so thankful some new yorker decided to settle here and start a pizza place. SO thankful. new york style pizza is a food group all on it's own, if you ask me.

and the biggest perk of today so far? the kid is napping. in her bed. all by herself! i had to bribe her with another trip to the park and all that jazz but it worked. and the house is peaceful. all i can hear is the quiet churn of the washer, static from the baby monitor that is always on the fritz and some andy grammer.

the sun is shining, the birds have been chirping, the bugs have been biting and it's a happy, spring day. i'm off to make a grocery list and catch up with my dvr.

ps. i think l-bug misses her daddy. she's been extra clingy lately. sleeping in my bed, sitting in my lap to eat dinner, making me hold her at the park most of the time. good thing he'll be home in a few days!

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