February 13, 2012

weekend via instagram.

this weekend was pretty good. the weather was chilly so it actually sort of felt like winter. but the sun shining all weekend made it seem spring{ish}. that was cool with me! i thought i'd miss new york winters. i did miss having a white christmas but now? i am loving this weather SO much.

this weekend

friday night...

we hit up  Target and tried out a new pizza/italian restaurant. the food was really good. but the best part? when the owner came to our table to tell us that our kid was behaving so well. we felt like proud parents.

on saturday...

we held a yard sale. i had some serious de-cluttering to do.

some cutie snuck in some playtime with old toys i'm storing in the garage.


this little guy was lost. so we helped him find his family. and i was thisclose to scolding them for letting the dogs back leg hair get so matted and dirty. they claim he was only lost for 30 minutes.

we hit up chick-fil-a for some lunch and ran errands.

we thrifted this awesome chair to go in our office. i love having a chair at the desk vs stealing one from the kitchen table.


mini twilight marathon. i don't know who is hotter - edward with his charm & smile & good looks or jacob and his shirtless bod.  swoon.

on sunday...

i have this awesome husband. and he let me sleep in. he's the bees knees.

we rearranged some furniture in our bedroom and put up a few pictures. and then we ran a few more errands, did some stuff around the house, and went to bed earlier than usual. we were really tired. 

how was your weekend?

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