February 24, 2012

mornings like these.

mornings like these hold the promise of a beautiful day ahead.

i'm inspired my mornings like these. i'm instantly put in a good mood. 

this morning, a little snuggle bug decided she wanted to hang out in mama's bed and watch cartoons. so we lingered in bed.

as soon as we got up, i opened all the blinds and windows. i'm letting the sunshine and cool breeze soak into me. there's no room for anger and bad moods and stress. 


this little girl is as happy as a clam.

and the whole morning has a soundtrack of this song.

happy day. happy friday.


  1. Yayyy! It sounds like you've had the perfect start to your weekend. :)

    1. thanks allison! we really did :) now i'm hoping the rest of the weekend goes as smoothly!

  2. love the pic above your bed! I need to do one of those with Ron!
    PS how do you do the replies on your blog comments?


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