February 6, 2012


oh boy. as much as i wanted to see the weekend come, i think i was just as happy to see it go.

every now and then, we'll get a couple of rotten days. and i don't mean to say this whole weekend was rotten because it certainly held some good, sweet moments. but it had its share of moments i'd rather have not had.

those moments give me a craving for the fresh start only a monday morning can bring. the glimmer of hope that a new week is coming and we can make anything of it. and monday mornings in our household mean a clean house. and speaking of cleaning; i read this blog post a few weeks back. i think i'm starting to see her lightbulb moment.

so today is full of getting crap done. phone calls and rescheduling doctor visits. scrubbing down toilets, sweeping crumbs and dust bunnies from under the sofa. dishes and laundry. picking up random crayons, shoes and blocks left behind.

i'm lacking motivation. and energy. but i'm arming myself with some good tunes (this one is a current fave) and sweet tea. you know, the sugar has to help somehow. right?

weekend highlights
superbowl grub. nachos, wings and chocolate cake. it was SO good.
sleeping in on saturday. also good.
my bad mood for half the weekend. not so good.
lia falling face first from the sofa to the tile floor. really not good. blood everywhere. the girl has a fat lip and it looks pretty nasty. but she should be good in a few days.
watching new moon with the hubster.
spring-like weather.
reading the hunger games in a day. and reserving the next two books of the series at the library.

i'm off to be productive. happy fresh start day.

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  1. Yum! Sweet tea! I hope Lia feels better asap! And I hope you have a much better week!! I'd say have some margaritas, but you know... :)

  2. Love your outlook! I have days like these and then I have days when I wonder how many more times I will have to do dishes in my life and it makes me a little grumpy. lol but i loved that article, thanks for sharing.


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