February 17, 2012


i know, i know. valentine's day was a few days ago. but i just didn't get around to documenting it here on the blog and i love looking back at how we celebrated each year.

promise i'll be back this weekend or next week with up to date stuff. like how lia is talking SO much more. or how she's decided to wake up every.single.night and manage to end up in our bed. 

but for now, {love} day. ever since lia was born, we've kept valentines simple and lowkey. the first year, we had m's sister watch lia while we went to the movies (we watched valentine's day!) and that set the tone for the past 2 years. last year, we did homemade gifts, olive garden take-out and watched valentine's day at home. this year? a bit fancier with gorgeous flowers from the hubs and lots of balloons from me. but the basics were there - olive garden takeout and valentine's day

it's our thing.


driving around with this as a view is SO much fun.

heart pancakes//storytime//flowers//heart balloons - i tied favorite memories from each year we've been married to the strings//presents from m//presents for m//olive garden takeout

how was your v-day?
i try not to buy into the whole over-commercialized holiday factor but i do love the idea of a day devoted to all things pink, happy and full of love.

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