February 27, 2012

lia's big girl room : currently.

okay i moved things around in l's room. again. and snapped some pictures. i'm really trying to avoid moving the big wardrobe because the hubster would be stoked.

sorry for the horrible quality of the pictures!

this is the view from her door.

this is to the right, when you walk in.


one problem i have is that the wall her bed is on is SO long. there's a few more inches past this picture before you reach the wardrobe. it just needs something. pictures on the wall, for sure. and a nightstand.


and her bookshelf/toy corner.


 right now her bookshelf holds all the books i didn't move or donate/sell. a few special stuffed animals. a ceramic plate + elephant made as a gift by her cousin, blake. wooden shoes from holland. a picture of us. & her owl piggy bank.

i love her rug. apparently toby loved it too. and puked on it. twice. i cleaned it as best as i could, but it left 2 small stains. i'm probably the only one who knows they are there, but it irks me.

i need to add more to her wall collage. i just haven't gotten to it yet. she's got her birth stats, a picture of me pregnant with her and a handrawn picture of brobee, compliments of her cousin, blake. he adores her.

so there it is. i kind of have a vision in my head. but any advice or comments or design tips will be accepted :D


  1. I love it! What about doing a gallery wall and maybe a big fun mirror? :)

  2. Hello! Like a zillion years without reading your blog. I love how the houses in the USA looks like, I wish one day move there with my little family.
    The room is big, so it's quite normal to looks even bigger if all her things are small or stuck to the wall.
    A good idea might be to hang something from the ceiling, like this: http://media-cache0.pinterest.com/upload/107664247311379567_J4gfL9Mq_c.jpg or maybe something simple like this one http://media-cache7.pinterest.com/upload/107664247311370423_dejafrf2_c.jpg
    Also on the big wall you can create an awesome abc like this one http://media-cache6.pinterest.com/upload/107664247311359637_q6Hg8Z6C_c.jpg but more girlie of course. Maybe another place to play, with cute/funny pillows or you can put on a tent like this one http://media-cache9.pinterest.com/upload/107664247311365633_5AIr3VTj_c.jpg
    What do you think?


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