February 8, 2012


i just wanted to pop in for a minute today. i've been meaning to blog more and this week just got away from me.

it's already wednesday night and this week is flying by. i think it's because i've really got a grip on schedules and things this week. monday was cleaning day. tuesday was storytime. today we had a pancake breakfast playdate and house things to do. it's nice.

lia is on a good schedule lately. she wakes up, eats breakfast, plays/helps me with stuff, has lunch, takes a nap, wakes up and it's almost time for daddy to come home. i like the comfort in that predictability. i like the comfort in our routine. although, i feel like her sleeping habits are on the verge of changing again.

i've been keeping my promise to myself to stay on top of things and not let them pile up. it's little stuff, but it makes a huge difference to take care of it right away. like folding and putting laundry away right out of the dryer. or trying to teach lia to pick up her toys after herself. and washing the breakfast dishes after breakfast, etc. it just feels good to take care of our house and our family this way. and it feels even better to have an uncluttered house (and head) at the end of the day.

on a totally different note - i mentioned that lia had fallen on the sofa over the weekend and smacked her face into the tile flooring. i really hate when my kiddo gets hurt. sometimes it makes me wish i was a doctor so i'd know exactly what to do! the swelling on her lip went down and it looks to be healing. she doesn't complain much and she's eating normally again. but i think she may have chipped a tooth. the bottom of one of her teeth was chipped when she was younger and i think the fall made it worse. and her gums just look off. they were bruised at first and now it almost looks like they are tearing off. like a piece of skin, but on her gums. and they started bleeding again tonight. m had taken her out for a walk in the stroller and i noticed when he brought her back in. i think the stroller hit a bump and she hit her mouth on her sippy cup. i wiped it as best i could, but what do i do now? i called the pediatrician when she first hit it, but we didn't discuss her gums. i think i'll just watch it closely another day or two. her pediatrician said he wouldn't recommend the local pediatric dentist for reasons that i agree with. maybe we'll have to find a non-local one? has anyone dealt with something like this or has this happened to anyone else?

bruised and scraped knees i can do. anything beyond that? i come close to falling apart.

anyways, it's almost bedtime for the babe and i can hear m finishing up her bath. then it's time for this mama to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and one tree hill and unwind. lia's mouth makes me feel on edge all day long now.

happy middle of the week!

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