February 10, 2012


friday night, to me, is the opening credits of the weekend. if friday night is good, i feel it sets the tone for the rest of the weekend.

and this friday night? it was good.


i spent most of the day getting stuff ready for the yardsale we are having tomorrow. you know, organizing, pricing things, throwing things out, trying to keep a very active toddler from swiping shoes + toys from the sell pile.


and when the hubster got home from work, we ran a few errands. simple things really, but i love doing simple things with my happy family. we went to the library and discovered lots of good dvds to check out. we went to target and the bank. we tried out a small italian restaurant for dinner. we almost didn't go in - when we peeked in the door, it was all old people. and i don't mean that in a bad way but they were grandparent age. older than lia's grandparents age. but m opened the door and it smelled good so we gave it a try. let's just say - we will be going back for more. we kept it low key and got a pizza & garlic bread. it was delicous and filling. and they serve drinks in mason jar. they had me at the mason jars. alsoand? lia was good. the owner stopped by our table to tell us how well behaved our child was and that they didn't get many children like her in there and it was nice. my mouth almost hit the floor. but i politely thanked her. i wanted to high-five m. seriously? lia is a good kid and all but restaurants and lia don't mesh.

tomorrow we'll get up early for the yardsale and hopefully have a quiet rest of the day. and sunday? who knows. but as long as i've got my family and we're in happy moods - i think we'll be fine.

plus, i have season one of one tree hill to watch. i love the show and i'm so bummed it's ending. and since i haven't seen it from the beginning (just episodes here & there and the last 2 seasons), i'm taking advantage of the fact that my awesome library has all the seasons in stock to check out. score!

how's your weekend going?

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