February 3, 2012


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i am the worst direction taker. ever. i don't know how i happen to get lost all.the.time but i do. that's one of the reasons driving somewhere unfamiliar to me gives me serious anxiety. it just freaks me out.

so yesterday, l-bug & myself were headed to a friend's house for a playdate. i'd never driven to her house before and knew it was about 40{ish} minutes away. i thought with print-outs of google map directions and navigation on my phone, i'd be fine.

wrong. dead wrong.

i probably took every wrong turn i could - getting there and leaving.

i'm hopeless.

m thought it was hilarious and as soon as i got home, he downloaded two new turn-by-turn navigation apps on my phone. he said "you'll still get lost with these, but at least you'll be less lost". or something along those lines - you get the point.

i'm hopeless.

you know those people you hear about on the news that get lost in the snowy woods/mountains using their GPS and they die frozen and starving in my car. i am that person.

i just have no sense of direction. wouldn't it be nice if we could just buy some?


  1. Sounds like me, I am awful when it comes to directions!

    1. i'm so glad im not the only one. i felt like such a doof yesterday!


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