January 16, 2012


We just got back from visiting my parents/M's work trip. The refridgerator needs to be cleaned out and groceries need to be bought soon. But since payday isn't until Friday... this gal is going to scrape up what I do have around that hasn't expired or molded!

Monday - Baked raviolis + garlic bread
Wednesday - Chili
Thursday - Baked chicken legs, yellow rice + a salad
Friday - Tacos - my sis-in-law is cooking!
Saturday - Leaving this open as we may have friends coming for a visit!
Sunday - Chicken and rice - my sis-in-law is cooking again!

This week is full of cleaning, laundry, a doctor visit and trying to get settled back into life and more attempts at planting roots in our new town where I still feel like a stranger most days. There will be blogging and reading and trips to the library for story time. Possible adventures out to Hilton Head and soaking up more time with M's sister before she leaves.

Happy Monday!

Happy MLK Day.


  1. Resourcefulness at its finest! Hope you have a good week settling back in and with your SIL!!

    1. Thanks Alyssa! We're having lots of fun - it's nice having someone around when I still don't know anyone here.


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