January 22, 2012

weekending with friends.

Yesterday was a hilarious, beautiful, good-weathered, fun day. One of the funnest days we've spent here. And reconfirmed my thoughts that maybe, just maybe I can see us living here forever. That makes M cheer that he doesn't have to find a new job!


My friend, Heather and her husband, Stephen were close by in Savannah this weekend celebrating their anniversary (Happy Anniversary, again!) and decided to come spend a day with us while they were in the area. Heather and Stephen live in my hometown in NC. She's been my friend since we were born. Literally, I was born in August. She was born in October. We were inseperable from that age on. Then we grew up and changed and grew apart. Then I moved to NC last year and we grew together again. Thats how we roll.

We decided to make the short{ish} trek to Hilton Head and see what's out there. We ate some really good food at this local restaurant. And it was surprisingly not over-priced or weird. Like another place a block away that will not split checks. Because their staff is too small. Hrmmph. Plus, they serve breakfast all day long. Because sometimes a belgian waffle or southern biscuits and grits hit just the right spot in the middle of the afternoon.

Us girls. Jasmine, on the left, is my pretty & sweet sister-in-law. She's staying with us this month.

Afterwards, we drove back up the street to a bike rental place. Stephen haggled the shop guy to give us a good deal (which the shop guy then told someone on the phone he had to go because he was in some weird stuff...uhm? okay.) and we were off. We thought it would be fun. And it was. For a few minutes. Then we realized riding bikes for a mile and a half{ish} on the beach isn't a leisurely activity. We felt like we were dying on The Biggest Loser. Which Heather and I firmly stated - "we'd never make it alive on that show" "never!!".



Once we finally reached the bike path, we cheered. And cursed our throbbing legs, parched throats and sand-filled flats. Until we realized we had bigger problems.


See, the thing is - Heather doesn't have a gall bladder. Which apparently makes her need a bathroom pretty immediately after she eats. I knew she didn't have a gall bladder. I just didn't know the latter part. So here we are - miles from the car, on some bike path driving through gorgeous houses. By the way - M said we can't live in said gorgeous houses. He claims he'll never make enough money. Hrmmph. Anyways - so there we were. She was pretty desperate for a bathroom. In fact - if I had baby wipes with me, I'm pretty sure she would have found a good bush. Just then, a man comes by on his bike and we ask for any public restrooms in the area. He led us to a communities pool (it had a bathroom near it) but it was locked. Heather was all ready to climb the fence and break in (seriously, this all happened. I am not kidding.). Instead, the weird (but very nice) man told her she could use his bathroom. In his little bungalow house in the neighborhood. At this point, I was doubled over on my bike laughing so hard I was crying. Good thing that Heather's a good sport about all this stuff. She gave me permission to write all this, just so you know. It was just too funny. And I was tired. I get weird when I'm tired.


After the bathroom incident, we had to bike another mile and a half{ish} to find our car. At least it wasn't on the beach. But we pretty much laughed while complaining about being tired and thirsty. But we saw an alligator. That hasn't ceased to amaze me yet.


When we got back to the bike shop and our car, we dashed into a gas station for waters and icees. And called it a day. We were tired and sweaty. And Heather and Stephen still had a 6 hour drive back home. So we said our goodbyes and made them promise to come back for a visit in the summer. We've got dreams of spending a week stay-cationing on Hilton Head.

We ended up getting fro-yo, pizza and movies and having a relaxing night in. After showers, of course.

It was good weekending. And I promise, this is all a true story. A very funny, odd true story.

I still love you babe, even if we can't ever afford on of Hilton Head's gorgeous homes! You know I'm happy as long as I'm with you.

Ryan Gosling is in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Shirtless. You should watch it.

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  1. Haha! Loved this post. Sounds like a fun day :) And thanks for the heads-up on that last part. lol


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