January 30, 2012


Oh man. I can't believe I've been away from the blog this long. Except, I should say I cant believe I haven't blogged - because I've logged into le blog almost every day - I just don't find the time to sit down and write. My phone has a growing to-do list of blog ideas and things I want to write down. I just haven't found the time.


So, I'm going to grab bits of time here and there (between cleaning, toddler-wrangling, cooking dinner, the 1525780 loads of laundry there is, catching up on The Bachelor and filling in my calendar for February) and write down all these things. Here's hoping it get's published today. Or tomorrow.

First off, Lia? Uhm. Girl is growing. She had her 2-year wellness visit a week{ish} ago. She's 26 lbs and 35 inches tall.  She is perfect, healthy and happy. And so smart! Her vocabulary has grown to include : bird, cat, cookie (goo gie), pee or poo (whichever one she does LOL), awesome, Dora & Boots, fries, cereal (which means anything from actual cereal to Goldfish), snack, eat, towel, duck and draw. She does not like having her hair washed or getting dressed. And whenever she sneezes, she says "nose" and expects a tissue to wipe her nose. Immediately.


I'm going to start a new blog series titled "things my husband says". Trust me, you're gonna want to hear these.

I've decided that I really like living in SC, so far. I missed the snow and real seasons at first - but I'm loving the sunny days that stay in the high 60s. And I don't miss bundling the babe up in boots and hats and mittens and a bulky coat. Plus, we can pretty much go to the park, or for a walk, or even to the beach whenever we want. Good times.

I also joined an online moms group - and after 2 playdates, I think L-bug and myself are gonna enjoy having friends here. She even played at another mom's house today. With other kids around. And me in a whole different room. That's progress, guys. Progress!

Lately, I've been thinking about my blog. I started it a few years ago. I was younger. And not a mom. Basically, I was a whole different person. I feel like I'm really growing into myself lately. I still have insecurities and issues (who doesn't?!) but I feel more like "me" now than ever.  I love the blog, but I feel like I've updated only when something big happened. Or just to update family. I really want to use my blog as my outlet. To blog everyday. Or once a week. Whenever I feel like it. Whenever inspiration strikes, you know? I want to share more of the small moments. I want my blog to be a mish mosh of everything I am and want to be. Everything I like. Or dislike. Whatever... as long as it's me. Does that make sense?

See these keys? I lost them this weekend. I realized once we got home from dropping my SIL off at the airport (btw, it's 2 hours away from us) that I didn't have my keys. After freaking out and blubbering (yes, I blubbered. it was bigger than L's toddler tantrums), I thought & thought and figured I threw them away at the aiport in the trash I tossed out. After calling the airport, we decided to drive back up there and look ourselves. We found them. In the trash can, right where I left them. So Sunday was devoted to driving in the car for 8 hours with a cranky toddler and digging through a public trash can. That's what I call a weekend.

Have I mentioned how much the public library here rocks? They have GOOD books. Pioneer Woman and Jodi Picoult and Tina Fey good. And if they don't have it - they will get it from another library for you. And the longest I've waited for a book on hold so far has been maybe a week. Maybe. It's awesome. I've kinda gotten a bit crazy and checked out way more books than I should read. So I squeeze in reading any chance I get. I just finished this one, this one and this one (very sad but very good!). Up next, P-dubs love story, this funny chick from The Office and Jennifer Hudson. Because ever since Sex and the City (the movie), I've loved her. Oh. And I'm starting The Hunger Games. Because why stop at the 4 books I already have?


I'm still taking February sponsors for my blog button swap! I'd love for you to join!

M has been working different hours this week, like 12 pm-8 pm. And in March, he'll be gone for 3 weeks. I know it isn't a lot - but some days it feels like we never left the Marine Corp. Go figure.

And M's little sister came to stay with us for most of January. She left this past weekend. We were sad to see her go, but it was fun while she was here! His older sister just had a baby last week. So there's a beautiful new baby girl in our family!


And that's basically our life these days. We're stuffing our faces with yogurt from the new place that just opened. We ate amazing wings & BBQ at a local restaurant. Me and Lia go to weekly story times at the library. The librarian has a English accent. Makes it that much more fun. And when M is home, we bunker down and hang out.


We like the simple life.

always, kristy

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