January 25, 2012


Do you ever feel like you are on a blind date when you go to a new mommy group or playdate? Because I do. It's sort of nerve wracking. 

Am I going to look stupid showing up knowing noone? Am I dressed like a bum today with my two-day old greasy hair pulled back into a ponytail? I did at least put on pearl earrings to show I made an effort{ish}. Of course, they are F21 pearls so not exactly the real thing. Am I going to look stupid bringing an actual picnic basket to a picnic playdate? Maybe I should play it cool with those reusable bags that are in style.

Then, I try to reason with myself. Am I really supposed to know someone in a new town? No. I'm sure they didn't care that I used dry shampoo instead of water and the real stuff. Everyone would pay $3 for F21 pearls given the opportunity and FYI - they liked my picnic basket.

I really do have these conversations in my head. Why do I get so nervous? I mean, I think i'm a pretty cool person to have as a friend. I bake. I love Pinterest as much as the next gal. I only blog embarrasing things about you with your approval. I'm pretty neat, right?

So anyways. Sometime last month, I joined a mom's group online. I wasn't really active (okay not active at all) until today's play date. It was a picnic lunch at a playground in one of the mom's neighborhood. It was right up the road from us and I love any reason to make some egg salad sandwiches. So we RSVP'd maybe, because I was too scared to fully commit, you know. And, we ended up going.

It went good. All the moms knew each other so I was clearly the newbie. But I chatted with almost all of them and they all seem nice. And the kids were kids. Not monsters or anything. Lia didn't freak out about other kids being in the park. She has kid/stranger/germ/dirty anxiety sometimes. Toddlerhood. And I was encouraged to go to Mondays standing playdate that rotates between the moms.

Sounds good enough to me! I'm just happy to be meeting someone. I don't expect to meet my best friend - she's in Hawaii, but we're trying hard to make them move here!, but knowing someone would be nice. It looks like we'll finally be in one place long enough to put down deep roots and a girl can always use a friend.

I just hope they liked me...

I know they liked Lia. Who doesn't find her adorably likeable? Her glasses...they just kill people with cuteness.

Anyways, here's hoping we fit in here. And like it ;)

always, kristy

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