January 4, 2012


I don't know why I get such anxiety before planning parties. I slept horrible the last few nights before her party. Like waking up in the middle of the night with party disaster nightmares and remembering cake plates and extra decorations. It went off without a hitch. Okay, there was a small hitch. The rainbow cake fell apart right before her party. I may have went into the garage and blubbered like a baby for a minute. My dad may have tried to calm me down and tell me everything was going to be okay while I lost it. But then, my siblings went and got the most awesome Yo Gabba Gabba cake and saved the day.

Seriously though, I think her party turned out great! We were worried she'd be shy and clam up and have a horrible time. She was shy but she did great and did enjoy herself.

Mind you, this picture is missing some details! Like the cake that fell apart. And the dazzle berry lemonade (pink lemonade) that I forgot to take pictures of. And the sandwiches.

So the theme of her party was Yo Gabba Gabba-Rainbow-DIY inspired. Lovely, right? I don't do characters. Hate me if you will, but I hate character parties and bedding and yadda yadda. But, this girl? She loves her Gabba. Therefore, we have Gabba dolls, shoes, shirts & jackets, blankets. If it has Gabba on it, we're most likely buying it. And it makes her SO happy. I can't say no. I did draw the line at the whole bedding set though.

Welcome to Gabba land//Having fun decorating our palm tree

But the smile this Gabba-explosion party put on her face? Priceless. She loved it. She'd walk up to the table and point at all the characters and try to say their names. She was happy.

Piñata from Target//All Yo Gabba Gabba printables were found free online at NickJr

Gumballs for fun & color//Chips, pretzels & rainbow goldfish
Not pictured: Dazzleberry lemonade and sandwiches cut into fun shapes like tulips and hearts and stars

The favors were DJ Lance's boom box! Animal cracker boxes with a printable taped on front

Cookie idea from Pinterest//White chocolate covered oreos

Rainbow cupcakes with tinsel pom-poms found at Michaels. I made yarn ones but I wasn't crazy about them.

Most of the decorations, including the cute cupcake stand, were made by me. Budgets around Christmas time are usually a little tight here. But I love the simple, fun feel it gave the party.

We had games & coloring pages set up inside but the weather ended up being so gorgeous that we set up a tent and some chairs in the back yard and the kids had a blast with the sidewalk chalk & bubble machine!

Streamers//Coloring pages found free online at NickJr

Balloon badminton game was a hit//Pin the eye on Muno


Piñata time!

The cake that saved the day!

Make a wish//Family picture

Balloon printables from NickJr with ribbons attached to them//Opening presents

Sometime during the festivities, a cake fight broke out between the siblings. It always happens.

We had a great time and I can't believe that I've got a TWO year old now!

Throwing your own Yo Gabba Gabba party? Here's my Pinterest board that I used for inspiration.


  1. It looked AMAZING! I love how great a resource Nick Jr is! And I am totally jealous you are in a SLEEVELESS TOP!!

  2. Oooh great, super great!!
    I soooo doing one on June, my baby girl is turning two on the 25th :)
    I first wanted a picnic party but I know how much she loves the gabba friends and the party is for her no?
    I already follow your boards on pinterest (ok, that sound a little stalker-ish)
    I wish we would have talked before, just to exchange ideas and stuffs.
    And your siblings!! They're a lot!! :O
    You have a beautiful family and this is a very long post.

  3. Looks like a perfect day! Everything looked perfect!


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