January 11, 2012

just dropping in.

I have to apologize to you/the blog for being missing. I miss the blog. It's part of my routine that I love and crave and I've missed not having the time to sit and pour out my heart, pictures of Lia or something funny/awesome/tasty I've come across.

I've had a little over a week to scheme and dream about what 2012 should look for me. I've got high hopes and I'm re-inspired to delve back into things I love. Crafts (knitting especially), reading, trying new recipes and restaurants, getting healthy and discovering our new town & state.

I'll be back next week with a real post about twenty-twelve, a little something (links to love!) post and my sponsor love. Huge apologies to my amazing sponsors! This year started out a little hectic but I will have your feature highlights up soon!

We've had family for the New Years, M's little sister is staying with us for January and we're currently in NC on a mini vaca while M takes a class in the area for his job. I've been on instagram and twitter here and there and I've stayed somewhat caught up with reading blogs but that's about it.

I hopped on my moms laptop to get this post out because if I didn't write something, my brain was going to explode. Seriously, blogging is an outlet for me and it's something I truly enjoy doing.

I'm excited to get back home this weekend and jump back into our regular routines and act on my new years goals!

Hope you all are having a very happy week!

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