January 23, 2012


For a few weeks now, M and I have been loosely trying to teach Lia to say "i love you". What parent doesn't want to hear those words? She didn't show much interest in repeating us. Just smiling and giggling when we said them. But, she does show an avid interest in pointing. To everything. A lot of times, she tries to get away with not talking by pointing. (Sorry Charlie, ain't happening. You're gonna have to use your words). So I came up with this handy way for her to say "i love you" without all the words. We're still working on the words though.

I point to my eye and say "eye". I point to my heart and say "love". I point to her and say "you". Surprise. Surprise. She just smiled and giggled at that too. But being the mama that IS gonna hear her baby girl say "i love you", I kept trying.

And of course, she does it to M first last night when he was giving her a bubble bath. I take credit though. Wink, wink. Because I had just walked into the bathroom and said hi. Which obviously triggered her brain to show love. That's logical, right?

So, after the bath, Manny comes out and tells me about it and he gets her to show me. Oh. My. Grab me a box of tissues and mop my melted, sappy, mama heart off the floor. I love this girl. With the kind of love that uses up every fiber of my being. The kind of love that turns me into a mama bear when some kid pushes her at the playground. The kind of love you don't know exists until you have a kid. The kind of love that opens your heart and eyes and makes you think "THIS. This right here is what life is about. This is what we live for.".

Mind you, she does this completely adorable thing on her terms. When she wants to. But when she wants to? Oh man, get the mop. Because I melt in a puddle right on the floor. Every. Single. Time.

M took these photos. Lucky him. She just yells "NO!" at me when I pull my phone/camera out. Literally, I can use it as a bribing tool. "Lia, if you don't come over and get dressed now, I'm taking your picture!" Give her a few seconds to think it over, she'll usually choose to get dressed.

Ah, motherhood.

always, kristy

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