December 15, 2011


Back in February, I did this post. It was a small post, linked up with April over at Marine Parents, to show where I am while I blog.

Two houses and about 10 months later, I have a new spot to blog from. And I lurve it. It's everything I've ever wanted my little niche to be. It's not finished, but it's on its way.

So, I thought it would be fun to do another "where I blog from" post. And give you guys a little glimpse of our new home. I've been meaning to take pictures for a house tour but it just hasn't happened yet.

I blog from the office/playroom. I believe the technical term for this room is the "carolina room". It's right off of our living room and dining room and blocked off by an arched doorway and a set of french glass doors. It's beyond cute. And there's a door that leads right out to our backyard. A lot of the homes in our neighborhood have a screened-in porch instead of the carolina room.  I like it better this way.

Ignore the toys in the bottom of the picture. And all the frames on the wall will be moving. That vision didn't work out so I have a different one!

Right now it's the home of our desk, christmas tree, L's timeout stool/mail corner and some of Lia's toys. My dream is for it to be our office where I can do my creative thing on the computer/check emails/edit photos and Lia's playroom so we can hang out together. She still prefers hanging out in her room alone most of the time. But, a girl can dream right?

The extra space beside these windows is going to change. I'm getting 6 similar frames, taking the glass out and hanging them. I want to display L's artwork there. After Christmas, the easel L is getting for Christmas is replacing the tree and I want to do another photo wall on that wall. I think. Or a big corkboard/chalkboard for notes and to pin up inspiration and ideas. We also plan on getting some shelving similar to this in white to house extra computer stuff and the printer.

And, we need a nice, fluffy rug because these tiles are COLD! Cleaning up all the cords underneath the desk is a must too.

That should about do it.

Paper garland for Christmas.
A wedding photo. Because it reminds me of the love I share with my handsome man everytime I look at it.
Mason jar pen cup.
A catch-all dish. Currently catching my iPhone, L's bobo and my camera lens cap.
A family photo.
A sweet little paper weight reminding me to enjoy life.
My fake scentsy warmer.
And, a lamp.

P.S. My wonderful mom gave us this desk as an early Christmas present. A few short weeks ago I was blogging from a side table in the corner while sitting on the cold floor. I am very thankful!

I'd love to see where you blog from! Write up a post and link up in the comments.


  1. love that lamp! we have two similar shelves like that one from target but we got them at ikea. jc has a nine cube shelf in his room for all his toys and books and we have a four cube shelf in the living room to hold even MORE toys. we love them. very easy to hold mess and make it look a little organized. those boxes that fit in the cubes are a must have.

  2. OMG the office/play area is so nice! I love that it is its own area, from the rest of the house. I think what I most love is all the natural light that comes in! Gotta love sunshine! lol

  3. Love this space! I blog at my kitchen table LOL I need a better space. Makes me want to do a post like this :)


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