December 8, 2011


I know it's closer to this coming weekend than last weekend but bare with me. Really cute pictures are involved!

This past weekend was chock full of Christmas fun. Which is the way I'm liking them right about now. L is  totally into the holiday spirit (even dancing like the Radio City Rockettes!) and how can you not get infected with that kind of charm and happiness?

Lately with her, tantrums have been a big thing. The little pink "time-out" stool in our house is getting a lot of visits. But I still find myself falling deeper in love with her everyday. Its just amazing what us mama's can tolerate.

Thankfully, we had a good trip to the tree lighting & parade sans bad attitude.

Friday night we headed downtown, which is only about 5 minutes from us. The shops stayed open late, there was a live music being played from the streets, a huge projector on the lawn for christmas movies and a quaint little bookshop where we spent a few magical moments with the resident dachshund (he was CUTE!). I figured the lighting would be a bit more theatrical, at least a countdown of some sorts. But nope, we blinked our eyes and ta-da, tree lit and everyone leaving. I'm still glad we went though. If just to try and set some roots & memories down in this new town.

Saturday morning we made breakfast sandwiches to go, bundled ourselves up and took our loaded car back downtown to set up on the sidewalk for the Christmas parade. I had no expectations (what with the tree lighting and all) but that parade? 2 hours long. Seriously. I've never been to a parade that long.

Lia had fun. We all did. We met up with M's boss and his family and their friends. It was nice feeling like a part of the community.



Near the end, l-bug warmed up enough to wave to the floats and people in the parade!


And we are obviously living in the South again.


And these guys really like their beer.


Afterwards, we grabbed Five Guys for lunch and went to pick out our Christmas tree. L was less than interested in that part but she went to town decorating it the next day!

Not the one we ended up buying.




And, some cookie making went down. With homemade frosting. Homegirl knew what to do. Eat it by the spoonfuls. I taught her so well.




It was a good weekend. A really good weekend.

Excuse the picture heavy post. I usually use Picnik to make collages to help with that but since we got our Apple Mac, for some reason portrait pictures get turned sideways when uploaded on the internet and I was re-rotating them in Picnik then uploading to Photobucket to put it in the blog but Photobucket turns them again and it's just a big hot badly rotated mess. And, until I figure it out (or Mac figures it out), I'm irked and I don't wanna mess with it! But I will gladly take any tips you may have.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Your tree is lovely! Love the colors!


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