December 11, 2011

sponsor swap!

So here's the deal!

Inspired by my want of getting my blog out there and this lovely gal, I'm hosting a sponsor swap.

I've already started in with the same lovely gal on her sponsor swap but mine will start in January.

It's free, easy and best of all - we're blogs supporting blogs. Seriously a win-win.

One sponsor spot a month will include your button on my sidebar and a solo guest post by you.
Then, I'll host {up to 4} spots that will include your button on my sidebar and a small "about you" blurb. I will post all 4 blurbs in one post on my blog during your month.

It's just a first come-first serve basis! And, we'll repeat it again the next month.

Interested? Email me at blogalittlesomething{at}gmail{dot}com.

I'm really excited for this and I hope you are too!

All this info can also be found on the "sponsor swap" button beneath my header!

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