December 5, 2011

p365 - weeks 47 & 48.

I've only got 4 weeks left of this year's P365 project. I'm still undecided if i'll do it again next year. I LOVE having all these pictures and memories but I have to admit, I hated getting so behind in posting that it felt more like a chore than fun memories.

I want to do it, but I think maybe i'll do it differently. Still thinking of ways!

For now, here's the past 2 weeks chock full of family, L-bug and Thanksgiving.

Week 47
323. Finally got our Fall leaves photo!
324. We brought Christmas to the bathtub.
325. She was trying to be a big girl and not sit in her booster seat. That ended with milk & cereal everywhere.
326. Sick day. Cough drop motivation?
327. Prepping for Thanksgiving.
328. Turkey. Yum! Happy Thanksgiving!
329. A little magazine browsing while waiting in line on Black Friday.

330. Another epic Santa picture fail.
331. The best onion rings. And I'm not even a fan of onion rings.
332. My L-bug.
333. Mason jars, epsom salt, tealights. The perfect DIY christmas decorations.
334. Toddler tantrums.
335. My new fake scentsy warmer. Smells SO good.
336. Me & my girl at our town's christmas tree lighting.

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