December 24, 2011


It's Christmas Eve. We've crossed off what there is to cross off and as for the rest, well there's always next year. As glad as I am to have another holiday with my little family and to see how much fun Lia is having, I'm glad today is over and Christmas will be here soon. I baked way too much today, melted a utensil on the stove, was covered in flour and Lia's chewed up gingerbread men cookies and my contacts felt like they were melted to my eyeballs.

Now, after I finish a load of laundry and blow dry & straighten my hair, I can go to bed. Whew.

Have hot chocolate.
Bake Christmas cookies.
Take a drive to see the Christmas lights.
Watch A Christmas Story. (will do tomorrow!)
Leave milk & cookies for Santa.
Watch all my favorite "25 Days of Christmas" movies.

Go to the Christmas parade.
Make these DIY yarn ball ornaments. (bought the supplies, didn't get around to making them)
See the town's tree lighting.
Buy our perfect tree.
Decorate our tree.

Hang our stockings.
Wrap presents!
Take L to see Santa Clause.
Send Christmas cards.

Donate to Toys for Tots. (thanks to my horrible memory, the toys sat around for over a week while I forgot to drop them off to me - it makes me really sad!)
Watch "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown".
Bake Christmas goodies.

Add a new Christmas cd to our mix and play it over & over ;)
Watch the Rockefeller Tree Lighting. 

Make gingerbread men.
Get a kiss under the jingle bells (my version of the mistloe - because we have none!)

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