December 1, 2011


Took these snapshots tonight when I noticed you picked up the Journey catalog and found the Yo Gabba Gabba merchandise. You just sat on your stool, like you were reading the magazine, being all grownup! 

23 months. Twenty-three months. 2-3. One month shy of being TWO.

Time seems to fly by without giving a second glance back. It feels like I'm supposed to have a baby yet I am chasing a toddler around day after day.

Little girl, you are spunky and spirited and crazy and funny and loving and sweet and sassy and stubborn. You are amazing and beautiful and smart and creative. You are my world. You are your daddy's world. You wrap everyone you know around your little finger.

These days, you love to play and run around and make messes. You love to dance & twirl around. You love to help with the laundry and dishes. You love to copy whatever we do.

This month, you've learned your body parts. You can point to your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, elbows, hands, fingers, feet and belly. We are SO close to nailing ears too :)

You say more, need, no, Ashley, bobo (your paci), uh-oh and uh-uh.

You've learned to do the robot. It is sooo cute!

You are quite demanding and you know what you want. In fact, you expect to be given whatever you want. You're pretty spoiled but that's just because you are so loved.

We have our good days and we have our not so good days. But, I love spending every day with you. I so excited to see what the next month brings!


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