December 22, 2011

the christmas spirit.

It's lacking around these parts. Our halls our decked (no, not really), the tree is trimmed and the stockings are hung on the wall with care. We've got paper chains and glittery candles. iTunes is chock full of Christmas tunes and the DVR is stocked with our favorite holiday shows.


And as I sit here with my hot chocolate (which I've just now deemed the perfect way to start all winter mornings) and the soft glow of the Christmas tree, I realize the small ball of excitement growing inside as I think of the festive events to go on this weekend really should have hit me a LONG time ago.

Maybe if the ground outside wasn't so parse and brown. Maybe if we didn't need to have the A/C on at night. Maybe if we were back in New York. There's really no better place than New York at Christmas.

But we're here. In the South. Where people really appreciate their snow-less grounds and warm temps. The mail lady drives around in shorts and a tank top. Not kidding people. She, herself, seriously puts a damper on my holiday spirit. I'm tempted to ask her to wear a big winter coat just while she's delivering my mail. I don't know though, I may not get any more mail after that.

I guess I'll just keep drinking my cocoa and blasting the Bieb's holiday christmas cd (i'm embarrassed, but it really is so good). I'll keep planning my Christmas eve baking spree, dreaming of the goodies my mom is sending me and the smile on L-bugs face when she opens all of her billion presents. Spoiled much?

I'll fake it like the best of them.

I do have a few last minute crafts I want to whip up so there's that. Chrismtas is coming either way, right?

I hope the Christmas spirit is abundant in your home and if you've got some extra, send it my way!

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