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December 30, 2011

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I was tagged by Jessica the other day and I finally remembered to sit down and do this thing.

There's always rules, huh?

- You must post these rules.
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Anwser the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
- You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
- No tag backs and you legitimately have to tag 11 people.

My 11 things.

1. I'm a list maker. I LOVE lists. And crisp new notebooks.
2. I can read really fast. I usually start a 300-400 book and finish the next day.
3. I love my iPhone but I am really mean to it. I dropped it in a pile of mashed potatoes this week. No joke.
4. I love trashy reality tv shows. Hello, The Bachelor + Jersey Shore!
5. I'm a southern girl who belongs more in the city than the country but I can't give up fried chicken or sweet tea.
6. I used to have my eyebrow pierced.
7. I want a tattoo but I'm too chicken.
8. I miss the idea of moving around every couple years in the military. The idea of settling down in our new town makes me slightly claustrophobic.
9. I'm allergic to weird things like bubble bath and bandaids.
10. I have a scar on my wrist where I dropped part of a meat slicer on my hand at work (I used to work in a deli).
11. I have a piece of pencil lead stuck in my knee from when I was a kid. How I got it jammed in there? Who knows...

And the questions:

1. What names did you have picked out for your kids when you were little?
Hmm...I'm pretty sure I was set on something along the lines of Deanna or Zooey. (I am sure the hubs is going to tell me no way, jose are we using those names!).

2. What's your favorite YouTube video?
Anything by Keenan Cahill. Seriously, I don't know whether to be freaked out by him or laugh my butt off. I usually just laugh.

3. What is something/someone you are currently missing?
My best friend, Sonia. We lived in New York together for a few years and now I'm here in South Carolina and the Marine Corp has sent her to Hawaii. But, we're plotting to get back together!

4. Which one of your Pinterest boards has the most pins?
The "good eats" board. It's got over 250!

5. What is something you are proud of yourself for?
Getting through labor! It was all unexpected and painful and turned into a emergency c-section.

6. Do you have any vices/bad habits?
I lose my patience really quickly lately. And, I still bite my nails :/

7. Name a fictional character you want to be more like.
Any character Meg Ryan plays. But probably, Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally.

8. Share a quote you feel defines your personality/philosophy.
I'm going to share a quote I strive after, not so much what I am now. I'm a work in progress. 
"Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out". Gordon B. Hinckley

9. What is/was your favorite children's book?
Any/all of the Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. And the Ramona Quimby books!

10. What is the most played song in your playlist/iTunes?
Save Me, San Francisco by Train.

11. What is your favorite era/cast of Saturday night live?
Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler & Rachel Dratch.

People I am tagging:

No pressure, ladies.

Alyssa from Fleur de Lyss
Allison from The Diary of a Mrs
Diana from Livy Love
Jenn from My Dear Jenn
Beckie from Turn for the Nurse
Alexandra from Being Mama
Melissa from knit purl baby
April from marine parents

And, the questions I get to ask you.

1. What's your favorite TV show?
2. Are you more addicted to Twitter or Pinterest?
3. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would be a must-have for you?
4. Are you doing New Year's resolutions this year and if so, what are they?
5. How many states/countries have you been to?
6. If you had an extra $100 to blow, what would you spend it on?
7. What's your favorite food?
8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
9. A classic debate in my house: iPhone or android?
10. What's the best thing you got for Christmas?
11. Do you have pets?


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December 29, 2011

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You did it babe. You turned into a full fledged kid. When people ask me how old you are, I won't be rambling off some double number followed by "months". I'll just say two. She's two. You're two!


I swear, it seems I was just in the hospital yesterday. In lots of pain, screaming at anyone who'd listen that they better get you out of me right away. I know you weren't ready to come out. I'm sure you had your own plans for when your birthday would be. But the doctors had their own plans and I was just caught in the middle.

They finally caved in to my pleas and around 5 PM, you were born via c-section. From the moment I laid eyes on you, my world changed. It became brighter, happier, more beautiful. Since day one,  you've had us all wrapped around your tiny fingers. You run the show around here.

I tell you all the time, and I can't seem to tell you enough, how amazing and beautiful and perfect you are. How your eyes sparkle when you are really excited. How the little pitter patter of your feet running across the floor makes my heart do flip-flops. That I can't imagine a day without our house filled with your shrieking laughter. I wouldn't trade your good moments, your bad moments, any of your moments for the world!


I don't know how mommy and daddy were so blessed to receive you as our gift but we are beyond thankful. You truly light up our worlds. The last two years have been amazing and they flew by. I'm so excited to see what this next year brings!

Mommy loves you SO much! Always remember that.

Your 2 year wellness visit isn't until mid-January because mommy didn't find a doctor and set up an appt right away like I should have! So I'll update again after the visit.

You take 2-3 hour naps once a day, most days. If we are out and about, somehow a 10-15 min nap does the trick. You sleep anywhere from 8-9 PM to 7-8 AM. And you won't go to bed without your blankie and your "Bee". And someones your baby and Brobee. That's usually when you don't want to go to sleep so you stall by asking to get more stuff!


You love to "clean" by pulling out tissues and wipes and wiping down tables and chairs. But, if you want a wipe - you'll bring the box to me, give me the cutest little smile and hold up 1 finger. Haha it's so adorable - of course I can't say no to that.

Clothes - 24 months/2T. A few random 12-18 month/18-24 things fit you but not many.
Shoes - You've been in 3 different shoe sizes this year! Right now it's a 6. We'll see how long that lasts ;)
Diapers - Size 5. But i'm really hoping to start potty training soon into the new year.

When you want your diapie changed, you run to me and hold your nose and point to your booty. It's seriously really cute! And if someone poots, you laugh and hold your noise. Why gas is so funny to you, I don't know!

We call your paci your "bobo" and you are more addicted to it than ever. I used to keep them in a basket in a drawer but you've learned how to open that drawer and take them when you want. Now when you want one, I tell YOU to go find it because I rarely know where they are!


You also learned how to open all the closest doors and the pantry door. You pretty much do what you want with what you want! Ms. Grown Up! We are going to find some way to child-proof the closest doors though. I cringe thinking of you closing your fingers in them. And, its kind of old to walk in your room and see ALL of your pajamas strewn around the room because you took the liberty of taking all three drawers our of your dresser. How do you learn these things?!

You are talking more and more each day but only when you want to. I mean, you babble all day but I still can't understand most of it. If you really want your point across, you'll slow down and say a word or two and that'll be that.

New words you've picked up & Words you've been using a lot of lately:
Sit (which sounds like a bad s*it, to be honest!)
Back (when i've grabbed something to get you and you don't want it, you tell me "mama, back. back!"
When you call Toby, you say "bee".
Gabba for Yo Gabba Gabba.
You say phone whenever you hear our phones ring or make a noise then you'll run and find them for us.

You LOVED Christmas. You would turn the tree lights on every day and just sit in your rocking chair staring at the tree.


You got a baby doll/stroller/crib for Christmas and you have loved playing mama. You carry your baby around and give her a bobo and you sleep with her too!

You've learned where your ears are and now we're working on knees and toes. You can say almost all of the body parts you know too.

You love to follow me around most of the day and copy what I do. If I laugh, you laugh! If I turn on music, you like to twirl around and dance. You usually make me twirl around and dance too! You love watching me put on my make-up and I let you "wear" my powder and lipgloss.

You still love helping me and daddy do the laundry and unload the dishwasher. Knock on wood we haven't broken any dishes yet!

You love playing with your toys in your room. Most of the times when I think it's too quiet so I go searching for you, you are sitting in the bean bag in your room reading books. You love bath time but you hate when we wash your hair/rinse you off.

Lately, all you've eaten is cheese, spaghetti, popsicles and cereal. Along with Goldfish and applesauce, of course. You eat what you like and you throw what you don't like off your plate! You have been eating chicken or turkey when I cook it, so thats a good thing! Oh, and you like to steal my food and my drink and my utensils. Even when I give you regular forks & spoons (not your toddler safe plastic ones). I guess I don't mind sharing ;)


The tantrums run high these days and time-outs and talking-tos are a daily thing around here but I think we're getting a grip on the sassy-diva attitude. It isn't perfect but you are starting to learn whats good behavior and what makes you look like you belong on "Toddlers & Tiaras"! But, I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

I love spending every day with home. It's not always easy, but me and you? We belong together. We're best friends and this is the way it's supposed to be.

You keep changing and growing every day. I love seeing the world through your eyes. I love the excitement you bring.

This weekend is your birthday party and I am so excited for you. You are two! You aren't my little baby anymore.


Happy Birthday mamita. We love you!


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i'm over here today!

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I'll be here later today with Lia's 24 month pictures and her monthly letter.

But thats after I finish my super long to-do list and find the time and mental capacity to sit down and write the letter! And fingers crossed that L actually participates in the photo shoot I've got in brewing in my head.


For now, you can check us out over here. Jessica is doing a fun sponsor swap and I've got a guest post on her blog today. Go show us both some love!

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December 28, 2011

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So a good friend asked me how is Lia already turning two? Well, I don't know. But I say we find a way to turn back time!

Check out le babe during her second year...












Sigh. I'm not even going to talk about how last year this time I was thinking about this year this time. And how this year this time I'm thinking that next year won't be too far away either. 

Coming up tomorrow will be a very special birthday edition of letters to lia and her 24 month photos.

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weekly meal plan : december 26

December 27, 2011

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monday - leftovers
tuesday - crockpot BBQ chicken
wednesday - baked taco ring
thursday - baked parmesan spaghetti (and cupcakes for Lia's birthday!!)
friday - leaving options open (we have family coming in!)
saturday - pizza takeout (Lia's party is today!)
sunday - again, leaving options open because we'll be spending time with family!

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I feel like all of this happened just yesterday. In reality, it happened two years ago :(

Here's Lia's first year, in pictures!













Part two is coming up tomorrow.

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December 24, 2011

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It's Christmas Eve. We've crossed off what there is to cross off and as for the rest, well there's always next year. As glad as I am to have another holiday with my little family and to see how much fun Lia is having, I'm glad today is over and Christmas will be here soon. I baked way too much today, melted a utensil on the stove, was covered in flour and Lia's chewed up gingerbread men cookies and my contacts felt like they were melted to my eyeballs.

Now, after I finish a load of laundry and blow dry & straighten my hair, I can go to bed. Whew.

Have hot chocolate.
Bake Christmas cookies.
Take a drive to see the Christmas lights.
Watch A Christmas Story. (will do tomorrow!)
Leave milk & cookies for Santa.
Watch all my favorite "25 Days of Christmas" movies.

Go to the Christmas parade.
Make these DIY yarn ball ornaments. (bought the supplies, didn't get around to making them)
See the town's tree lighting.
Buy our perfect tree.
Decorate our tree.

Hang our stockings.
Wrap presents!
Take L to see Santa Clause.
Send Christmas cards.

Donate to Toys for Tots. (thanks to my horrible memory, the toys sat around for over a week while I forgot to drop them off to me - it makes me really sad!)
Watch "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown".
Bake Christmas goodies.

Add a new Christmas cd to our mix and play it over & over ;)
Watch the Rockefeller Tree Lighting. 

Make gingerbread men.
Get a kiss under the jingle bells (my version of the mistloe - because we have none!)

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the christmas spirit.

December 22, 2011

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It's lacking around these parts. Our halls our decked (no, not really), the tree is trimmed and the stockings are hung on the wall with care. We've got paper chains and glittery candles. iTunes is chock full of Christmas tunes and the DVR is stocked with our favorite holiday shows.


And as I sit here with my hot chocolate (which I've just now deemed the perfect way to start all winter mornings) and the soft glow of the Christmas tree, I realize the small ball of excitement growing inside as I think of the festive events to go on this weekend really should have hit me a LONG time ago.

Maybe if the ground outside wasn't so parse and brown. Maybe if we didn't need to have the A/C on at night. Maybe if we were back in New York. There's really no better place than New York at Christmas.

But we're here. In the South. Where people really appreciate their snow-less grounds and warm temps. The mail lady drives around in shorts and a tank top. Not kidding people. She, herself, seriously puts a damper on my holiday spirit. I'm tempted to ask her to wear a big winter coat just while she's delivering my mail. I don't know though, I may not get any more mail after that.

I guess I'll just keep drinking my cocoa and blasting the Bieb's holiday christmas cd (i'm embarrassed, but it really is so good). I'll keep planning my Christmas eve baking spree, dreaming of the goodies my mom is sending me and the smile on L-bugs face when she opens all of her billion presents. Spoiled much?

I'll fake it like the best of them.

I do have a few last minute crafts I want to whip up so there's that. Chrismtas is coming either way, right?

I hope the Christmas spirit is abundant in your home and if you've got some extra, send it my way!

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weekly meal plan : december 19

December 19, 2011

monday - philly cheesesteak sloppy joes
tuesday - braided spaghetti bread
wednesday - crockpot santa fe chicken
thursday - chicken legs + yellow rice
friday - perogies + caesar salad
saturday - christmas eve! spaghetti with meat sauce & garlic bread - our tradition in it's 2nd year.
sunday - christmas! turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls - the usual.

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December 18, 2011

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Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!

It's Sunday night here, we've just finished dinner + dessert and I'm looking forward to the babe going to bed and playing a board game with the hubs.

We were homebodies this weekend and I loved it. It was nice to not be on the go, go, go all weekend. There will be plenty of that in the next 2 weeks.

We made a quick trip to the mall in Savannah, wrapped presents, played Candy Land with L-bug, fingerpainted, did a little cleaning + laundry, made homemade donuts, strung Christmas lights and left up the broken ones because well, M didn't feel like taking them down after his hard work. That's how we roll.

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming week and I need to make one big to-do list. It just doesn't feel like Christmas to us - it's in the 60s-70s and NO snow. Uh? We don't know how to do Christmas like that. I mean, we had shorts on to hang the lights. Last year, we were bundled up as much as we could be and were still freezing.

It's just an adjustment, I suppose. But I wouldn't mind Ole Saint Nick dropping some snow down our chimney...err, front yard.

I'm off to fill out my calendar, start on my to-do list and make a holiday grocery list. Here's to a happy, happy week before Christmas!

The homemade donut recipe should make it's way on the blog this week. Should.

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p365 - week 50.

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WOW! Only two more weeks. SO crazy. I love having all these photos though.

344. The obligatory post office visit during the holidays!
345. Baking cookies for friends!
346. Baking cookies for us ;)
347. Blogging.
348. Baking cookies on a bad day!
349. Just hanging out in the bathroom.
350. Sex & the City and peace & quiet in the bedroom = one happy mama on a friday night.

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December 17, 2011

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Hello, lovelies! How is your weekend going? We did a little last minute shopping today (getting great deals, I might add!) and hung up some Christmas lights. Though, it really doesn't feel like the holidays with all this sunshine and warm weather we are having.

Here's some links I am loving right now:
This DIY gift would be great for all of your baking friends!
The Home Alone house is for sale. If only I had $2.4 million laying around!
Free chevron backgrounds for le blog + twitter.
Delicious cookies for Santa.
I wouldn't mind having this under the tree.
Easy christmas craft.


image source {Source: via kristy on Pinterest}
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