November 23, 2011


First let me say this, I am only coming to you today with wordless{ish} wednesday because M is back home and therefore his laptop is too. Which means, I don't have to move from the comfy spot on the sofa where I've taken refuge.

In the span of a few hours yesterday, I got sick. I feel like a MAC truck ran over me, backed up over me and ran over me again. I feel like crud. And I have WAY too much to do to feel like crud.

So for now, i'm hanging on the sofa hoping today gets better and my kid learns to talk instead of whine.

Okay so there's that. Onto the post...

I found leaves! This is big stuff. Now I can stop cursing our street and being jealous of the neighbors in the front of the subdivision for having big, autumny leaves and giving me a stinkin' palm tree.

Now this isn't the best picture but out of about 50+ photos, it's the best I got. And it took lots of bribing with m&ms and candy corn and youtube-ing Yo Gabba Gabba and promises to play on the slide later to get this one shot. Hard work, I tell you. So this mama takes what she gets.

And since it's almost Thanksgiving, I feel I should tell you what I'm thankful for. Because there is oh so much.

I'm thankful for:
My amazing hubby, who does everything in his power to make sure we are taken care of and happy. 
My gorgeous daughter, because even when I wanna crawl up a wall to get away she still makes my heart swell with love and pride. She's pretty amazing.
My family + friends.
Amazing twitter + blog friends who are always there when you need them. And who offer to send your daughter their daughter's quilt when she is done. Telling you, some of the nicest people I ever met.
The knowledge of cooking, so I can crank out an awesome thanksgiving dinner for my loves.
A home and a bank account and a car and every other material possession that not everyone is lucky enough to have.
M's job. 
My comfy sofa.

Some of my family are coming to spend Thanksgiving with us so it'll probably be quiet around here 'till Monday. I plan on kicking this sick crud out, stuffing my face with turkey and watching the parade, spending time with family and a little black friday shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!

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