November 29, 2011

weekly meal plan : november 28

Meal plans! I try to make one every week because a: it keeps me sane and b: it makes sure we have dinner on the table and avoid random take-out nights.

I try to sit down on Sundays to fill out my house binder, make a meal plan and go through coupons. So my meal plans start on a Monday and go through Sunday.

monday - cubed steak, mashed potatoes + biscuits.
tuesday - crockpot BBQ chicken + yellow rice.
wednesday - baked parmesan spaghetti + salad
thursday - chicken legs + arroz con gandules
friday - sloppy joes
saturday - crockpot swiss steak, mashed potatoes + salad
sunday - toasted raviolis + garlic cheesy bread

This makes it easy to cordiniate meals with events. Like this weekend, we'll be checking out our town's Christmas tree lighting and parade. So I've got easy, crockpot meals for Friday + Saturday. That way, I don't have to worry about dinner while we are out having fun!


  1. Please set a place for me, I will be over for dinner :) Everything looks delicious! I think meal planning is great, and gives you something yummy to look forward to!

  2. I love that you do this.. I used to do the same thing and got out of the habit. Definitely need to start that again! It makes grocery shopping so much easier!! Your daughter is adorable!!


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