November 9, 2011

thanksgiving plans.

I may be going out of town next week. I don't know. I'm undecided. Since Thanksgiving is like two weeks away, I figured I should settle on my meal plans this week. Just in case. I love traditions. I love cooking from-scratch recipes every year on Thanksgiving. It just makes me feel all fuzzy and warm. It's a good kind of feeling.

I'll be doing a simple roasted turkey with stuffing and gray made from the drippings. I don't eat stuffing, but it helps keep the bird moist. I just throw together a box of stuffing and fill up the bird.

Last year, I started using this recipe for mashed potatoes. P-dubs knows what she is talking about when it comes to comfort food. I highly recommend this recipe. Simple, easy and so SO good.

I also serve rolls, which I'm still on the fence whether I want to tackle homemade rolls this year (recipe unknown). Then we'll have a spread of veggies, deviled eggs and candied yams topped with marshmallows & then broiled to a melty, browned perfection.

And for dessert? I do a cake with butter cream frosting topped with pecans or walnuts and an apple pie. I don't eat apple pie. I just really like baking them. I think this year I'll be trying out this recipe for a cake and either this fudge frosting or a good ole can of Betty Crocker frosting. Probably the latter. Just keeping it real.

Then we eat the same thing the rest of the week ;) And, I'll put another post together later this week with the actual recipes for what I use.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?  With Lia getting older, I really want to start some traditions that deal with giving thanks and other good things besides food.


  1. Absolutely drooling. EVERYTHING SOUNDS SO GOOD!
    You really are the best mama ever! I love that you want to teach Lia about giving thanks, and "the reason for the season".

  2. Well, here we don't use to celebrate thanksgiving, it's not one of the Venezuelan traditions even though some people are trying to incorporate it, like halloween.
    I love the meaning of this particular holyday and I wish we celebrate it too.
    Love the recipes, someday soon I'll bake an apple pie. I looooove apple pies but I've never made it. Let's see.


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