November 21, 2011

p365 - the past few weeks...again : part 2.

week 45

309. L hanging out with her new friend. His name starts with L too!
310. Grocery shopping.
311. Pinterest idea put to use!
312. Bathtub drawing.
313. Hanging out at Walmart looking at the Christmas decorations.
314. Her best friend!
315. Fall in Savannah.

week 46

316. Tacos de papa.
317. Bathtub crayon tattoo.
318. A little stocking stuffer for L - thanks to Marine Parents.
319. She's just too cute.
320. The bacon grilled cheese.
321. Great life insurance ad...painting a room while holding a newborn. :(
322. Being adorable.

I should really just do the weekly iPhone linkup. I rarely pick up my actual camera these days! That's sad.

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