November 20, 2011

p365 - the past few weeks...again : part 1

week 43

295. Hanging out at the pumpkin patch.
296. My new yardsale find. Think I will paint it a nice grey.
297. Eating breakfast!
298. Trying Five Guys for the first time. We love it!
299. Baking brownies :)
300. Eating lunch.
301. It was a Halloween candy raiding-pinterest browsing-list making kind of day.

week 44

302. Lunch at Chic-Fil-A.
303. Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows!
304. My super-girl on Halloween night.
305. No pictures :(
306. Date night in Savannah.
307. Playing outside!
308. Selling stuff online ;)

Ugh, I've gotten so far behind in posting these. Let's hope once I catch up, I'll stay caught up!

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