November 2, 2011


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November. My favorite month. Oh, I hope you are full of oranges.

Oranges is a little personal thing I have going on - life has been hard for everyone lately. Not just me. So there's been talk of asking god to send us some oranges instead of lemons. We're a bit tired of making lemonade.

November is here just as I was settling into October. Time is flying by and little moments are hard to catch. But right now? I've got a special little moment going on and I am basking in it. L-bug is snuggling in bed beside me. We're quietly doing our own thing but being together, all at the same time. I'm house-hunting (don't get me started on that...), looking at our budget, checking emails and browsing pinterest, just a bit. All grown-up stuff! She's eating a snack, watching cartoons. Being a kid. It's a rare moment that she just hangs out so it's a happy moment.

And I wasn't even going to blog. My thoughts have been so jumbled lately. I don't even know where to start once I delve into all the crap going on. But, this moment just overcame me and I wanted to remember it. To savor it. To use it to remind me that there is good + hope everywhere.

Happy November. I hope that tonight when my little family sits down at our table and eats dinner (frito pie, by the way) with some cozy candles lit that we feel the good and the blessings and all the happiness life can bring even during some of the hardest times.

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