November 26, 2011



Here we are, you are just a week away from turning 23 months old (holy heck, really?!) and I'm just now writing the past 2 letters.

Time kind of got away from mama. Between living at grandma's, daddy's temp + new job, house hunting, moving to SC, settling in and everyday life in between, I just haven't taken the time to write your letters. Shame on me because these letters are really important. I want you to know how cherished and loved you are. How amazing you are. What you learn day to day and how you are growing into the most beautiful, creative, loving little girl.

So. The past two months? You've become a whole new person. Don't get me wrong, you are still the big brown eyed girl who steals hearts but you are blossoming and changing every minute.

Your speech is growing. You are constantly babbling + talking, but I can only make out certain things!

You say :
daddy. all the time!
no. all the time :(
bee. meaning Toby. 
please. only when you want to though.
mommy need. when you are telling me something you want.
and of course, all the other words you've learned.

You are wearing 18-24 months and 2T clothing. Size 6 shoes. A few of your size 5's work, but only because you don't have enough bigger shoes to fit you! Size 5 diapers.

For the sake of mama's sanity, you are still taking daily naps. From about 1-3 pm, you sleep every day. And when you aren't napping, you are a mess making, toy playing, snack eating machine! You love to drop out every.single.toy you own. You've yet to master picking them back up. You tend to do what you want, when you want. You are very spirited!

You love your Little People, play food and blocks + balls. You love playing outside.You still love Yo Gabba Gabba but lately you have been watching more Wonder Pets and a Dora episode or two.

You've taken to sleeping with your blankie, stuffed Toby, Brobee + Foofah. I don't know why. You also need a nightlight every night now.

You are wearing your glasses more and more, which saves mama a lot of guilt and worry. You look so cute + stylin' in them!

You are sort of nosy and like to know what's going on. If I change the TV channel from your cartoons after you've left the room, you run back in and start yelling at me. Cute + funny - but really kid? You weren't watching it anymore! You love to play alone. Well you love to play with Logan, your new friend. But normally if I try to play, you always snatch the toys out of my hands.

You can open up the closet and pantry doors. If I don't give you a snack when you ask for one, you just grab the closet thing you can reach in the pantry (always cereal) and help yourself. Your an A+ laundry helper too.

You are fascinated by Christmas lights + inflatables. You say hi and bye and blow them kisses every time you see them. I think Christmas this year is going to be so much more fun!

Words can't even describe how proud I am of you, little girl. There's not enough room in the world to contain how much love I have for you. So my heart grows and stretches a little more every day for you. I can't wait to see what the future brings for us.


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