November 7, 2011

i'm back + i brought halloween.

You know how it goes - you take a break for a few days and suddenly it's been almost a week and you are so behind. I was literally antsy while blow-drying my hair so I could get my blogging time in while L is still napping!

I really need to make an update post - chock full of all the craziness that's been going on in our lives lately. We were told we had to move out, we went house-hunting, we're trying to teach Lia manners and how to pick up her toys, we found out we don't have to move (after SO. much. stress), we've talked about having another baby (I know, right?!). It's been messy. I've been messy.

But all that will come later. It needs it's own post. Or two.

For now, here's a very late post about Halloween. But L-bug was seriously way to cute to not post.

Over the weekend, we carved our pumpkin. It was fun to see Lia trying to help. Last year, her being helpful was hanging out in her highchair!

Halloween Day was rough. We were told we would most likely be moving in the next few months. My patience and nerves were on end. But, we made the most of it for L. I made macaroni and mummy dogs {hot dogs wrapped in crescents} for dinner. We got dressed up in our super hero costumes and headed out. I thought our neighborhood would be big on Halloween but they really weren't. We started around 6 and we were half way done (walking slowly, might I add) when everyone else seemed to come out. By that time it was getting dark and Lia was getting tired.

We trick-or-treated at a few houses around ours and L got the hang of it quickly. Once she realized candy was involved, she was game! If the house was scary looking, we'd have to carry her to the door but she'd patiently hold out her treat bag and wait for her candy! She never quite caught on to saying "trick or treat" or "please" or anything for that matter. She did test out a pretty serious stare after she got her candy. Maybe she thought she should have gotten more?!

Towards the end, she realized that I would carry her house to house and she could run to the doorstep, collect her treats then toss the bag and herself back at me! Funny little girl, she is.

We had a great Halloween. It thrills me to see the changes in Lia year to year, holiday to holiday. She is such an amazing girl.

Now that Halloween is over, I've really got to jump into more holiday planning. We'll be staying home for the holidays and we're hoping family will join us. Anyone else as excited as I am?

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