October 26, 2011

p365 - the past few weeks : part 2.

Here's what happened the last two weeks...

Week 41

281. Moving day!
282. Hot Krispy Kreme donuts - yum!
283. The way you eat breakfast right after you've moved.
284. Trying out a new restaurant with my loves. The Mellow Mushroom.
285. Flowers.
286. A peek into our new house (the master bath).
287. Fried pickles. Not horrible but not amazing.

Week 42

288. Our front door decked out for Halloween. We added a pumpkin, a mum & lights.
289. Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach with my loves & parents!
290. A sweet little yard sale find for L.
291. My whateverisinthefridge stir-fry I thew together for lunch. And the much needed caffeine.
292. Playing outside!
293. It was a good mail day.
294. A little walk around our new 'hood.

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