October 26, 2011

p365 - the past few weeks : part 1.

I am SO behind on my p365 posts. Life has just been too busy for me to catch up. But I did still take a picture every. single. day. That's pretty awesome for me. Granted most of them are iPhone/Instagram pictures, but photos nonetheless.

Week 39

267. Me and L took a walk downtown one drizzly morning for Toby's birthday treat.
268. Having Sunday lunch at one of our favorite places.
269. Quiet mama time.
270. My fortune cookie fortune a few nights before M was offered his new job. M's fortune said something along the lines of being very successful in business soon. They were right on the money.
271. She wanted to draw. I  gave her a pen. This was the outcome.
272. Swings!
273. Ice cream/goodbye date with a friend & L-bug!

Week 40

274. Hello, New York.
275. Apple cider donuts & hot cocoa at Maskers Orchard.
276. Swedish meatballs,
277. My girl ♥ At a rest area on our way back to NC.
278. Our bathtub at the hotel in SC.
279. Spent the morning in the hotel blogging and debating which house to rent.
280. Helping mama pack on our next to last day living in NC.

Stay tuned for part 2...

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