October 20, 2011


                                                                     Source: positivelypresent.com via kristy on Pinterest

You are more than half way over and I never stopped to properly greet you. While you may not be my favorite month (I save that kind of love for November...) you are a strong contender for second favorite.

I have to say - I haven't been very happy that you don't like to show yourself much in the "low country" parts of South Carolina that I now reside in. But today? Today you showed yourself. You sent me the glorious sun, temperatures in the 60s and a refreshed spirit.

You are looking pretty good, my dear October. The house has a chill, the crockpot is simmering and smelling so delish, an apple pie will be finding its way to the oven very soon and the weekend brings hope of homemade chili in bread bowls, pumkin patches, cuddly time at home and maybe even a street fair.

I hope you decide to stay awhile. 

A big fan of you.

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  1. Omg my mind went blank at apple pie, crock pot, and homemade chili in bread bowls. YUM!! I love fall food!


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