October 11, 2011

hello, Tuesday.

Hello, Tuesday morning. You are looking pretty good. Can I just say that it's great to see you in my own home. I don't even mind the rain. If only I had a crockpot and chili ingredients, things would be fab.

As it stands, my crock pot (and other pans) were taken over by mold during the last 7 months they spent in storage. I guess they didn't appreciate laying around, being unused.

And my fridge is unstocked.

But all that will be fixed in a few days. I just wanted to pop in and tell you (and remind myself!) how happy and blessed we are. So far, we are loving this.

Thanks for being patient while I put blogging on the back burner. Cable should be out here tomorrow to hook up cable/Internet but we don't have a computer desk yet so I don't see blogging happening soon - minus random phone posts when i feel the urge.

Happy Tuesday! I hope today treats you well.


  1. You'll be settled in and making chili before you know it! :)
    Sorry to hear some of your things didn't appreciate being boxed up for a few months. :-/
    Were they salvageable?

  2. Glad to hear things (with the exception of the stubborn pot and the fridge) are going very well! Don't worry, in no time there will be more rainy days, and lots of chili and other yumminess being made in the new casa :)

  3. I hope you get more rainy days and lots of chili :)


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