October 17, 2011


We are home. We are sort of settled in. We are happy.

I really thought I would get the house together so fast - you know, being that we didn't have this luxury for so long. But one tends to get used to having upto7 family members always around and a mostly unemployed husband to help with the toddler. Now it's just me. And Toby, the dog. But he isn't much help.

Evenings and weekends with M off work have been nuts. We've had errands to run and things we need for the house and about 5 trips to Home Depot for missing furniture bolts. We had a big grocery trip to make and a 4-hour ride up to Myrtle Beach to meet my parents for the afternoon. Needless to say, we bought a bunch of stuff this weekend and none of it got put away. Minus the groceries which just got shoved into an open cabinet. Our house is a W.R.E.C.K.

I'm going to pull all my motivation together and get alot of stuff done today, along with dinner in the crock-pot. Then I am hoping by the end of this week, we'll be settled in for real. Then regular life and blogging and photo taking and pinterest browsing and Fall festivities can resume.

But, can I just say? Can I just say how happy we are to be where we are and to have been given the opportunity we got. Because we are so happy. We are so thankful. It is going to take some adjusting and learning and hardwork and supporting each other and hopefully neighbors that eventually open their blinds and introduce themselves but we'll make it. And I have a feeling we'll love it.

So sorry again, for being missing so long. I promise I'll be back soon with pictures and updates and posts that you'll love! But now I have to go. The house isn't toddler-proof yet and I am pretty sure Lia is doing some serious contemplating about sticking a USB cord in the electrical outlet. Yikes!

Happy Monday!

Lately L has been letting me cuddle her like a newborn for a few minutes here and there. Can't say I dislike it!

Remember this post? I had my pumpkin caramel latte candle burning and When Harry Met Sally playing the other day. ♥


  1. We are looking for a house to buy now. My boyfriend (hopefully my soon-to-be fiance), my baby girl and I.
    I remember your post about not being inspired to cook or clean, to post, or anything while being at your parents house. I know how it feels, and certainly a place of our own it's a necessity.
    I'm happy for you guys, best of lucks!

  2. Its a mess, but a beautiful mess.


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