October 24, 2011


I am loving Fall.

This past weekend, we hit up a pumpkin patch and a street festival. We had SO much fun! And we stuffed our faces full of the most delicious food (I'm talking BBQ, Belgian fries and deep fried Oreos & snickers!)

 L-bug enjoying her pumpkin-shaped cookie at the festival! Between the orange frosting on it and the Cheetos she had for a snack (mine, not actually hers!) she looked like a pumpkin herself!

I'll post more pictures later but I wanted to go ahead and cross some things off our fall list. I posted this here almost a month ago.

Fall To-Do List
Go apple picking.
Carve a pumpkin.
Take L-bug to the Bronx Zoo. Or, any Boo at the Zoo event.
Drink hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.
Go to a pumpkin patch.
Repeat last years photo of Lia in a pile of leaves.
Make Lia's Halloween costume.
Bake an apple pie.
Jump in a pile of leaves.
Go trick-or-treating!
Have a picnic.
Go on a bike ride.
Watch "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown".
Go to a fair or street festival.
Make this pinecone garland.

Pumpkin carving and hot cocoa drinking will come later this week! The Boo at the Zoo probably won't happen because no one can touch the Bronx Zoo. Leaves are hard too, but does anyone know if I can buy them somewhere? The only tree we have is a palm tree :(

And of course, trick-or-treating and watching Charlie Brown will happen closer to Halloween. So most of everything will get checked off!

Now I'm off to work on the house. We unpacked the last of the boxes in the garage and cleaned the garage up - but the office/playground is still a disaster. We don't have a desk (I've been using a small side table and L's bean bag chair) and we're waiting to buy the perfect one at Target.com. But otherwise, the house is coming along. I'm going to try to tackle the spare bedroom today - it's full of L's old baby stuff but it's going to be the guest bedroom and my scrapbooking/crafting closest.

We hung some pictures and shelves yesterday so the house is looking homey, but once it's finished - I'll post pictures!

Wish me luck & Happy Monday!

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  1. Love that Lia totally stole your Cheetos! My favorite thing on your list is to watch the Great Pumpkin for OBVIOUS reasons :)

    All that food sounds delicious! Ive never had fried Oreos but I hear they are AMAZING!

    Good luck with everything and have a great week!


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