September 6, 2011

a whole lotta p365.

Week 34 (8/20-8/26). Oh my, am I really this behind?!

232. Picnic in the park!
233. We spent the day in Myrtle Beach.
234. L-bug playing with toys while waiting for her ophthalmology appointment to start.
235. A view from our nightly walk.
236. Self-explained.
237. A bad picture of me...ha! It was taken in Target and that's all I know LOL.
238. Taking a quick trip to town before the hurricane really hit us.

Week 35 (8/27-9/2).

239. Damage during the hurricane.
240. Checking out the damage after the hurricane. We had no power and it was too hot to put clothes on her!
241. A really good mail day. Chock full of birthday cards, coupons and a DVD.
242. Hanging out outside.
243. A family photo on muh birthday!
244. Mommy & baby ♥
245. Hanging with grandma at the last Kinston Indian game. They lost...bad.

Week 36 should be posted on time. I think!

Whew...I feel caught up a bit!

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