September 24, 2011


Summer is officially over! To say goodbye to the season of BBQs, beaches & baseball games here is our final cross-off of the summer to-do list I posted a few months back.

My summer to-do list:
Watch classic summer movies like The Parent Trap and Dirty Dancing.
We got these through Netflix and I loved watching The Parent Trap! We had a mini-marathon watching The Parent Trap 1 & 2 and the remake with Lindsey Lohan. Even M enjoyed it! *wink*
Go to a baseball game.
We made it a family event and headed out to the Kinston Indians game on military night & their last game.
Make homemade popsicles.
Raleigh Flea Market.
Total bummer. We went later in the day to try and beat the heat and most people had left. Most likely because of the heat. But, we ended that night with a rodeo so we still had some summer fun!
Fly a kite.
Have a picnic.
Bought a new picnic basket & blanket and we have put it to good use. Several times!
Take Lia to the aquarium.
Play a round of mini golf.
Feed ducks at the park.
Go to a fair or street festival.
Take a trip to Myrtle Beach.
Go to the Outer Banks.
Wash our cars.
Play croquet. 
We didn't play croquet but we did play many rounds of corn hole (kind of like bean bag toss)
Perfect my chicken salad recipe.  
It's a classic miracle whip vs mayo debate.
Start my herb garden.
Sonic happy hour.
Rent bicycles and ride downtown.
We'll be doing a repeat of this for my birthday!
Take Lia to the library for story time on Fridays.
Water park.
See fireworks!

So, we accomplished 11 things. Not too shabby. Summers in NC are HOT. Sometimes, too hot to even wanna go outdoors. We had fun doing what we did!

First column: bike ride - picnic in the park - story time @ the library
Second column: waterpark - flip flops - rodney atkins concert
Third column: sonic happy hour - chalk drawings - indian beach
Fourth column: kinston indians game
Fifth column: indian beach - myrtle beach - tiki jims @ myrtle beach

Be on the lookout next week for a Fall to-do list!

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  1. Looks like a pretty productive summer to me. I think the water park is a necessary part of a Southern summer:)



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