September 12, 2011


Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of a very sad time in our country's history. I know you all know that but I felt I wanted to recognize it. The only way to prevent things from happening again is knowledge. 


I wanted meant to post this last night but I was dog-tired. By the time we got home from the Rodney Atkins concert it was around 7:30. By the time I got L-bug bathed and in bed and did a few things for myself it was 8:30 and M was finally home from work (with a pizza!) so we ate and showered and headed to bed.

Lia doesn't nap as much as she used to so I get 2 hours of me time to do what needs to get done and the rest of the day is hers. Then M gets home around 8 pm and I hate doing anything but spending those few minutes we get together. Leaves this mama feeling like I never have time!

Anyways, back to remembering. Wanna know where I was when I found out the first tower had been hit and then saw on TV the second tower being hit? My high school Literature of the Holocaust class. Ironic, I think. We spent every day learning about how horrible the Jews got treated at that time and then there, in our own time, something horrible was happening to us because of who our country was. I know we all can't be happy and sing kumbaya but do things have to get so nasty?

I got to visit New York that December. We saw where the towers once stood. The devastation. The crowds of people with the same heartbroken look that we all had. We stopped at the Burger King right across the street - we were shocked that nothing happened to that building and others near it.

I met M a few years later. Turns out, his high school was the building right next to the Burger King I had been in a few years before. First off, how crazy is it that my future was right next door and I never knew? Secondly, that building only has windows on one floor. What would have happened if, somehow, they didn't get out? If someone didn't happen to look out one of the few windows? I am so blessed that the love of my life was so close to all the terror and danger and was left unharmed.

My heart goes out to all the heroes and heroic families of 9/11. You will never be forgotten. I am forever grateful to you.

To our military - past, present and future. You rock! You are amazing and I am forever grateful and supportive of you and your families.

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